Friday, May 4, 2012

Enjoying family time

      I've had a different week this week. But I sure have enjoyed it! I love having my nieces over! They are growing so quickly! They are learning to speak more legibly and say the cutest things! There's hardly anything they won't eat! So often, children are picky eaters, but not these girls! And of course I always have something in the fridge to feed them. 

      Yesterday, I cooked for the guys at the hubs work. They seemed to enjoy it. I just wished I hadn't forgotten my camera so I could show ya'll what we had. I made chicken fingers that I soaked over night in buttermilk with garlic powder . Then I breaded them in Italian bread crumbs and sauteed them in safflower oil. I made pasta sauce and served it over cavatappi pasta. They said it tasted like Carrabba's! What a compliment! I served strawberry pie for dessert. There were few leftover's.

      Today, I have another niece with me. I understand how impossible it must be to blog with small children. If her Mom wasn't here to watch her now, I couldn't be writing this post. Time is passing so quickly! It's hard to believe that summer is here! I hope to pick strawberries soon at the U-pick farm nearby. I don't have any more strawberry pie filling to make another pie! I also went to the dairy farm this week and got grass-fed milk and cheese. I stopped by the meat place and got some grass-fed beef. I am going back to both of those places next week to get more. I wanted to try a little before I bought a lot. It's worth the fifteen or twenty minutes it took to get there, driving 65 miles per hour! Didn't take my camera to either of those places, so maybe next time I will. Hope you all have a safe weekend! Blessings from Bama!

Niece and Eden, her frind's daughter.

Yasmine playing with puzzle.

Hooking a rope to pull them with.

Pausing for picture.

Come play with me!

Amber, Canisha, and little sleepy head Layla.

Propped up watching Caillou.

This is where I am sitting now. But now with my feet propped up!

Winterlynn in action! She is such a card!


  1. Cute! So glad you got to spend time with family. What a blessing!

  2. What a sweet family time! That looks like a gadget on your swingset that I've never seen... but looks like fun for the little ones!


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