Sunday, April 8, 2012

We now have woodchips!

      The guy kept his word and they arrived Wednesday! I was so thankful! While he was here, hubs asked if they could cut down a tree that was dangerously close to the house. He came back a few hours later, and the tree is history! God really moved in our lives this week and I'm so thankful to Him for doing these things for us! Now, we don't have to worry when the wind blows or a storm comes up. The tree will never attract lightning again, nor will its branches fall on the house. Hopefully, we'll have our own chipper soon so we can chip up all of this tree!

       I planted a lot of seeds in the garden last week. Here's what I planted: squash: straight neck, crookneck, butternut, table queen, zucchini. Green beans: Blue Lake bush. Herbs: basil, thyme, cilantro, sage, spearmint. Melons: charentais, Hale's best cantaloupe, yellow Canary, Crimson sweet watermelon, and Orange Glow watermelon. Pumpkins: Big Max, and Jack-Be-Little. There's another pumpkin I'd like, but I haven't gotten any response from a request I left on another blog. She may be out of seeds. The herbs seeds I ordered from Sand Mountain Herbs came in so I can vouch for them now. What have ya'll been planting in the garden?

      There's still a lot I've got to do in the garden. I'm waiting until after Wednesday night to put out tomato plants because the temp is supposed to get in the mid-to upper 30's Tuesday and Wednesday nights. I don't want the fragile tomato plants to suffer from that chill. Hope ya'll had a wonderful Easter! We certainly did! Blessings from Bama!

Here's the snake to the snake skin we found!

The tree before, as viewed from the garden.

The guy at work.

Two other guys are on the ground holding the rope to guide the limb when it falls.

The tree is almost down.

Not much left now.

No more tree!

I just happened to have my camera with me as I was about to turn in my driveway, when I saw a turkey. Can't really see her in the photo.

But I did capture her here!

Rose bush the chickens like is in full bloom. It smells wonderful!

This rose is so beautiful and fragrant! You can see the garden beds here too.

Such nice woodchips! We have a Fuji apple tree that needs planting.

The tree after.

This is one beautiful rose!

I got started with the woodchips here. Pepper plants and eggplants will go here.

Sour dough bread from the breadmachine. Delicious!

The hubs enjoys cooking on the Primo. It's smoking the ham.
A larger view.

These are home canned beans that were cooked in the smoker.

Here's the delicious ham!


  1. Your place looks beautiful. I bet you're glad that tree is was a little too close for comfort. I lost a bunch of trees in Hurricane Katrina and now I don't want ANY near my house ever!

    I want to see a picture of your garden when it starts growing...that's alot of stuff.

    Have a great week,

    1. Oh don't worry Shasta, I'll post a lot of pictures!

  2. Your place looks so nice. Wow did you do the planting this week. Even though we have had a nice mild winter and early spring...I know I still live in I'm only rototilling this week and onion sets - God willing.

  3. Hi Bama Girl, You certainly have been busy planting lots of things. I can't wait until I can get more planted. Just have some cold weather things growing. We have possible frost warnings for last night, tonight and tomorrow night so am covering our little dwarf fruit trees and some things. You have a large place to keep up to but it is very pretty! Nancy at

    1. Thanks Nancy! I'm really tired from moving that wheelbarrow-full of woodchips up the hill! Several times each day!

  4. I can't believe the size of that snake!!! Is it sticking around? Yikes! Glad the tree is down! We have some pretty terrific wind events here on the Oregon Coast, and have a bunch of trees that I wish were down! Your place looks much more open without the tree! I love all the green with the flowers! Doesn't it feel wonderful to open your own cans of beans? No BPA, or any chemicals! Neat picture of the turkey in your side-view mirror! :) Cheeryshirley

  5. Hi! I was wondering about the place where you plan to plant your eggplant and peppers that you put the wood chips down. Will you add compost over it or do you plan to just plant in wood chips mulch like the man does in the Garden of Eden movie? Nancy at

    1. Hi Nancy! When I put the newspaper down, then I spread on some manure. Lastly, I put down the woodchips. When I plant the plants, I'll pull the woodchips out of the way, tear a small hole in the newspaper, and dig a small hole to put the plant in. The plant needs dirt to grow, then years later when the woodchips have broken down, you can just plant in that. After planting the plant, I'll put the woodchips around it. I hope this works good for us! Thanks for inquiring!


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