Friday, June 1, 2012

Is your sugar lumpy?

      Mine sure is this time of year! Since I've been making plum jelly this week, and a cake, I've really gone through a lot of sugar! Every time I open a new bag, it is all clumped up! It stays like that, too, unless I do something to get the lumps out. Just had that on my mind!

      We finally got some rain today! Yay! We actually got a small shower the night I wrote my last post, and boy, was I glad! It's been so hot and humid, and I have to water the garden every day! I finally got another sprinkler to help with the job, but I still have to move it around a lot. I have some garden photos below.

      The hubs and I are sitting here, looking through our bird books trying to find a bird I've been seeing as I walk, the past few days. It is the most beautiful blue I have ever seen! It' solid blue with a gold beak. It doesn't even come close to looking like the bluebirds I see here! The hubs thinks it's a tropical bird that's in migration or migrated here for the summer. I'll let ya'll know if we find out what it is. It's hard to believe that today is June first! We have a couple of birthdays and an anniversary this month. We will be celebrating twenty-one years! It doesn't seem like it at all! Before we know it, it will be fall again! Stay cool! Ya'll have a great weekend! Blessings from Bama!

Another batch of plum jelly.

Lumpy sugar!

She's been a busy lady!

Cooling the cakes.

Not so pretty, but oh, so good!

I went out to the garden the other day and found the sunflower had hit the ground! I propped it against the fence, but it's looking puny. I tied the other sunflower to the fence post in hopes to save it from hitting the ground.

The yellow twine matches the sunflower.

Beautiful zucchini!

An eggplant!

See, it's an Ichiban eggplant!

I have decided that this is the Candy Roaster pumpkin I got from Lil Suburban Homestead. A blog on Wordpress I visit.

Tomatoes and basil, how you've grown! The animals in the background are enjoying the shade! They're usually not too far from me.

Look at those lovelies!

And these!

The mystery plant. Sorry it's fuzzy. Looks like a squash.

Another Candy Roaster.

The Candy Roaster at a distance. The corn and beans haven't come up yet. I wonder why?

See, no beans or corn.

Yummy, delicious blackberries! When I get enough, I'll make juice, then jelly.


  1. Looks like you've been busy. I love the angles you took your veggie plant photos. Blessings from Wisconsin.

  2. I have never opened up a bag of sugar from the store to find it clumped up and the sugar I store in my bucket does not get clumped either and we are pretty humid here most of the summer.
    The blackberries look wonderful. I am trying to get them to grow here but they are producing only a few blackberries for me.

    1. Hi Becky! Yea, usually it's not lumpy but come hot weather, it is! Even newly purchased at the store! I'm not sure where you live, but it sounds like you can grow blackberries. It sometimes takes a couple of years for them to really start producing. You need a lot of canes to get a lot of blackberries.

  3. Hi Bama Girl, I've noticed my white sugar is a little lumpy lately also. Your mixer looks just like mine and your cake looks delicious! Nancy at Cozy Thyme Cottage

    1. Hi Nancy! Yes, I think it's the humidity here. Thanks! The cake is sooo good!

  4. Hey Bama Girl! Your garden vegetables look great! Your jelly is beautiful and your cake even looks delicious! We're already eating our blackberries in oatmeal and yogurt since the harvest is just beginning.... though a lot is eaten as it is being harvested! :)

  5. Wonderful garden and veggies. Lucky you. We have tried to grow a garden, however the critters always get in there and eat everything. thanks for visiting.


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