Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Good times and not so good times...

     Hey! Did ya'll miss me? I sure have missed ya'll! Thank you so much for thinking of us during this time with my Dad! He's home now, but he's weak and emotional. My niece is in the hospital and almost died Monday, so he got upset when he heard about that. That's natural, but we're going to have to be more selective with what we share with him. We learned the hard way. I spent the day with him yesterday, and will do so again tomorrow. I spent today with my niece, and driving her husband home to get some clean clothes and pick up some food he can eat while there with her. He's on disability and doesn't drive at this time. She is better now and the baby seems to be doing OK. Yea, she's six months pregnant! She's had all kind of tests run on her because they didn't know what was wrong with her. She was on medication for bronchitis, but was not getting any better. In fact, she got worse! She was wheezing so bad! I've never heard anything like that before! They thought she might have a blood clot, so they checked her legs and lungs and heart, but thankfully, no blood clot. The lung doctor finally diagnosed her with severe asthma, the worst he'd ever seen. He said that she had it since childhood, but was never diagnosed with it. Her lungs were burned from it. They treated her in the hospital last week for it. She got bad over the weekend, and on Monday, the nurses at the doctors office referred her immediately to the hospital, as the doctor couldn't be there. When she got to the hospital, they told her her lungs were closed and if she had been a few minutes later, she would have died! I didn't even know this was going on until after the fact! Her Mom wasn't there either! I don't know why my family is being attacked like this! It really brings into perspective things that you don't normally have to think about. She will not be released until the doctor hears no more wheezing in her lungs. I feel sorry for my Dad, crying about this! He's not a crier! I would appreciate your continued prayers for my family!

      That was all the bad. We had a great time on vacation last week. Well, almost. I couldn't help but think about my Dad and my niece. Skylar had a bad wreck on his bicycle, but thankfully, no stitches! The purple flag was up a few days, so we didn't go to the beach on those days. That means dangerous wildlife. We found out it was jelly-fish. They sting! The surf got up, so they put up the red flag. We only spent two days at the actual beach, but that was fine with me! I don't get into sunbathing like I did when I was younger. I'm happy with my farmers tan! I forgot to take my camera to the beach, so I only have pictures made on a boat looking at the beach where we sat. I don't know how blogging is going to be over the next few weeks. I hope to write at least twice a week, but we'll see how things go. I've got blackberry juice in the refrigerator to make jelly and our nectarines tree is overloaded with fruit! They will soon be ready. Would someone like to come and help? I really miss reading about ya'lls gardens and such, and hopefully things will settle down so I can read more! Ya'll take care in this treacherous heat wave and drought we're having! Stay inside where it's cool! Blessings from Bama!

Our campsite at Panama City Beach, Florida. St. Andrews State Park.

We got to see the boats go in and out of the bay everyday.

Would you ride the Vomatron? It goes around and turns you upside down, then back the other way! I would not!

They love riding go-carts!

Hubs is in front, this round.

A nice carpet golf place.

Our view of our camper from the Sea Screamer. Ours is the one with the blue awning.

The point at the park where the hubs liked to fish. That's not him.

These are Cannon-ball jelly fish. I wonder if these are what warranted the purple flag? They do not sting. The water was full of them.

The dolphins love to come around the Sea Screamer.

Looks like he's waiting for a snack.

One of the deck hands pretending to have a fish. Legally, they are not supposed to feed the dolphins. 

Enjoying his trip!
These folks got to swim with the dolphins!

The Sea Dragon is a wonderful cruise for the kiddos! They stay in the bay, not out in the se 

Look at those beautiful condos on the beach!

We happened on a parasailer in distress. Somehow, it became detached from the boat.

A trained diver on a jet ski to the  rescue. He pulls a banana boat, so he's trained for such as this.

Have you ever heard of Pineapple Willie's? Here it is!

This is the beach where we went.

The surf was so hard, it made a cliff here.

A much larger cliff.

The new captain.

The older captain (his Dad).

I enjoyed watching this squirrel eat his peanut butter cracker he robbed from the hubs fishing sack. 

He is really stretched out!

We're at Pier Park, a very nice shopping area with unique shops. I have a chub from all that seafood! I'm working it off now, though.

We went on a dinner cruise on the Lady Anderson.

The son is leading this lap.

He wanted to eat at Margaritaville. (Skylar)

Another limb collapsed while we were gone! I'm glad it didn't break!
Green beans and potatoes harvested from our garden. They sure were delicious! 


  1. Sorry to hear about your niece but glad the found the cause. Sometimes I think doctors guess more than anything.
    Your trip sounds very nice. I would have loved the dolphins but I am not big on boats. Your beach and campsite look wonderful.
    The condo picture is not something I would like seeing. I think large buildings are just so ugly. I keep wondering how pretty it would be if those weren't there.
    Those potatoes and beans sure do look good. I am going to have to find more growing space next year.

    1. Thanks, Becky! My niece has so many health issues for such a young person! The boat ride wasn't bad at all! I understand what you mean about the big buildings. I remember when they weren't there. It looks so much different now. You must use all of your growing space for raising animals. I would like to raise animals one day, but would need more space for that. Raised beds have given me a lot of produce in a smaller space, so that might be an option for you.

  2. Hi! Sorry to hear your family is having so many problems. Glad to hear that you got a nice vacation tho. Nancy

  3. Looks like y'all had a good vacation. You got some great pictures. I love those white beaches on the Florida panhandle. Did you get back before T.S. Debby rained on everything in Panama?

    I'm sorry to hear about your niece. How scary...esp. being 6 mos. pregnant. Hope she's better soon. Sounds like you've got your hands full. Praying for your family.


    1. Hi Shasta! Where's your pretty face? We left the beach, just as Debby was coming in! Thanks for your prayers!

  4. Sorry to hear all the medical news. Will pray for them. Love the beach pictures, white sand. Lucky you! Blessings from Wisconsin

    1. Hi Jacky! Thank you for your prayers! Yes, I'm very blessed!

  5. Hey Bama Girl! So glad to hear your dad continues on his road to recovery and so glad to hear your niece will be okay. Recently I wrote a post 'when it rains, it pours' about some of these very same issues I'm experiencing in my family. Sounds like ya'll had a wonderful vacation and made some terrific memories as a family. With Skylar getting older, it probably won't be too long before it'll just be your husband and yourself on vacation and Skylar will have these wonderful memories to cherish and treasure as he becomes an adult man.

    1. Hi Lisa! Thank you for your kind comment! The times we have together as a family are very special to us! Love making memories!


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