Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Is it warm in your neck of the woods today?

      It sure is here! One could pop out into a sweat just walking around outside for very long! Fall weather here is fickle! One day it's warm, the next day it may be much cooler! You never know!

      What do you do when you have a 'scape goat?' Well, the hubs read on the web to tape a piece of PVC pipe to their horns. He did and it worked for a day! When I went outside earlier, one side was hanging on one horn, so I pulled it off. She tried to go through the fence again as I watched, but didn't make it. I'm hoping she'll get just a little bigger so she can't squeeze through! Delilah doesn't try, just feisty Daisey!

      I finished the applesauce and had ten half-pint jars. That will be enough for us I think. We don't eat applesauce, so I'll probably use it in recipes for oil replacement. I would like to get more apples before they're all gone so I can dehydrate some or make apple pie filling. I have about 3 or so pounds to do something with, but I was going to make some more fried pies. Maybe tomorrow? I also want to do something with three cucumbers. They are the pickling kind so I want to make bread and butter pickles. I'll probably get 2 pints from them. I can do that tomorrow also? Maybe the next day. I got a call from the u-pick farm saying they have more canning tomatoes, but I said no. I hope I don't change my mind! Are ya'll still putting up? I hope to get out some Fall decorations tomorrow too, or it will be Thanksgiving before I know it! Thanks for reading! Blessings from Bama!

Ten half-pints of applesauce.

The PVC on Daisey's horns.

She looks like a longhorn!

A glimpse of how bright the sun is shining on the house!

Another beautiful rose!

Too bad we don't like pesto! We are blessed with basil!

This grill was purchased for much cheaper than one part on the Primo (grill on right damaged earlier in year by straight line winds) would cost! It works better for me! I can lift the lid without straining!

Daisey and Delilah! Daisey is covered with beggar-lice!

The warm weather keeps the Keria blooming.


  1. Hi! Naughty little feisty goat! lol I hope to get my fall decorations out tomorrow too! Except for sewing the buttons on I made a couple fall table runners today. (with some help from a friend!) You have a beautiful house. Nancy

    1. Hi Nancy! That must be fun, sewing with a friend! Thanks!

  2. What a neat way to try to keep the goat in. I will have to remember that for "if" I ever get any goats.
    The weather has been pretty lovely here in GA. We feel like we are actually getting a "fall" this year.
    Your house is absolutely lovely. I want a big porch so bad.
    I wish I could come take all your basil for you. We have learned that we love pesto this year.
    The grill is very nice too :)
    What is beggar-lice?

    1. The only thing is it didn't last long! But she hasn't gotten out again as of yet! Glad ya'll are having a nice fall! I just came in and I'm sweating! We waited a long time to build this house and as you can tell in some of the photos, it 'aint' done yet! I now wished I had a small farm house or cottage! Are we ever satisfied?
      Becky, I can't believe you don't know what baggar lice is! It's those little green or brown 'stickers' that get in an animal's fur and you just pick them out! Lol!
      I love the grill too! Thanks!

    2. The beggar lice are picked up when the animal walks through tall grass or woods.

  3. Hi Bama Girl!
    Your home is absolutely lovely...inside and out! Did you just build it? Being new to your blog, I just figured that you'd been there a long time! It is lovely! Would like to see more kitchen pictures, though...I just LOVE kitchens! Favorite room in the house! :)
    Your goats are great...Daisey and Delilah! Love those names! Pets, yes?

    I did not know you had tornado season twice in the year! Yikes! Does it only come when rain is forecast?

    I keep losing your blog! I can't seem to get it to notify me of new posts or new comments...any advice? I really enjoy following! BTW, Glen doesn't want me to use Facebook, Twitter, etc due to viruses, privacy issues, etc. Is there any way here to sign up for e-mail notification or Google homepage notices? Thanks so much! Hugs, Cheeryshirley

    1. Hi Cheery Shirley!
      Thanks! We had the builders dry it in six years ago and have been in the finishing process since. My kitchen is always such a mess, but I will show pics soon.
      Our goats are pets but if I can find a billy, we want to breed them. I would like to milk them as they are dairy goats. If we don't like the taste of the milk, I will use some of it in soap-making, and cheese.
      I don't know how to do the email notifications with my blog as I am a bit of tec novice. You could get a notebook and write down the names of the blogs you like and have it close to your computer. That way, you can look them up anytime you wish! I do that for blogs I follow that are not in my feed. Sorry I can't be of more assistance on this!

    2. HI Shirley! I forgot to mention about tornadoes. They can happen ANY time of the year, but most commonly in the Spring and Fall. Yes, rain and thunderstorms most often accompany tornadoes, but not necessarily. Most likely the weather will be quite stormy, or at least look like a storm is about to come. The tornadoes drop down out of the storms. You can read more about them on the web.


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