Friday, October 26, 2012

The smell of apples is in the air again!

      I have some cooking on the stove as I write, and it smells so good in here! I have the windows opened, so the breeze is carrying the smell throughout the house! I finished with the apples, and with the peels and cores, I made some vinegar. No waste here!

      The sun is shining and the temp is heating up for another eighty degree day! I painted the arbor over the sidewalk yesterday and got myself a suntan! I thought it would be a sunburn, since that's what it felt like at the time! The weather is supposed to get much cooler tomorrow and for the most part of next week. I'll probably freeze until I acclimate to it! I sure hope the hubs gets the lines run for the new unit he installed in our bedroom! That's the coldest room in the house! He is trying out some units that he's installed at other places that are supposed to be highly energy efficient! Each section of the house will have a unit with a thermostat that we can control. He decided to do this since he found mold in our previous unit and duct work. I could actually smell it when I stood over a vent or passing by the return! Our son has been under the house with his Dad to help remove the old stuff. Even though it's only been installed for about seven years! He's never like the old system anyway, so now I'm glad he has a good excuse to change it out. As with the rest of our house, it is a work in progress.

      I finally got the hubs to get my fall wreath down from the attic! He had to be up there anyway so he kindly brought it down. I didn't put up decorations like last year because I'm just not 'into' it! I've been so busy with things! In fact, I can't believe November is so close! That means Thanksgiving will be here soon! Oh well, we always have the same food and the only thing I prepare a day or two in advance is the dressing. Unless I make a marinated slaw or salad. I can't believe I'm thinking about that right now! Got to go stir my apples! Have a great weekend! Blessings from Bama!

It takes a little apple cider vinegar to make a little apple cider vinegar!

There was enough peels and cores to get two quarts of apple cider vinegar.

Can you smell this?

I'm still drinking my smoothies and green or black tea every day for lunch. It holds me over o.k. til dinner. Sometimes, I do have to have something crunchy and salty before dinner, though. I can tell a little difference in the way my pants are fitting. Slowly but surely, I'll get this weight off!

The new unit over our bed. See the unfinished ceiling above? The windows aren't finished either.

Happy Fall Ya'll! (The door needs a coat of paint!)

One of the pumpkins got eaten by large roaches! The pumpkin must be sweeter than the others! I didn't know they would do that!


  1. L-O-V-E your bed. The dark would is gorgeous!

    1. Hi Leanne! Thanks! We got the last one at Dogtown a few years ago and paid a ridiculously low price for it! Call me sometime!

  2. Oh, I can smell the apples through the screen! I love cooked apples! And I didn't know that vinegar was made from the peelings!

    Your bed is pretty! ...Hope you are having a great weekend! :)

  3. Your bedroom is lovely! I didn't know you could make apple cider vinegar like that. I need to get back at drying some more of my apples! I wish we had another month or two before November! Just got the fall decorations out this week! Nancy

    1. I know what you mean Nancy! Thanks for the compliment! And commenting!

  4. Hi Bama Girl!
    You are sooo amazing...all the things that you do! :) Sorry I've been so long absent, but, I've been kinda out of commission lately! But, doing better now and thought I'd see what you were up to! I LOVE the "homey" things you value! I also did not know how to make apple cider you let it sit long?

    Your fall wreath is lovely! Did you make it yourself? Beautiful and inviting!

    We are doing green smoothies really has made a difference on Glen's Multiple Sclerosis! Amazing!

    Are the bedroom units for heat only or heat/ac? Your room is as attractive as the rest of your sweet home!

    Just read about hurricane Sandy...are you in her path? I've been praying for you all! Keep us posted! Love, Cheeryshirley (& Glen)

    1. Hi Shirley and Glen!
      I sure have missed ya'll! Sorry to hear you've been out of commission, but glad you are better now! Yes, the vinegars need to steep for several weeks, possibly several months. All you have to do is taste a little, then you'll know when it's 'done'! Homemade vinegar tastes so much better than store bought!

      Yes, I made the wreath from items I bought at Hobby Lobby last year 40% off! So much cheaper than the already made ones. I saved at least $50!

      I love my green smoothies! They are so filling!

      The units are for heating and a/c, and it is working great! It barely makes a sound! Thanks, we're still in the process of finishing it and have a long way to go. The outside hardy board siding needs painting also. It will be beautiful when completed.

      Thank God! We are NOT in the path of Sandy! I really am concerned and praying for those who are!

  5. Sooo glad you are not in her path (which is very widespread!)!!! I stayed up til 3:30 a.m. very concerned about our fellow Americans on the East had to be a long and scary night for them!

    So glad you answered so I can KNOW you are alright! XOXO Shirley & Glen

  6. Hi Bama Girl! Your apple cider vinegar looks so pretty it's hard to believe it will be vinegar when done. Love the idea of smoothies and hot tea - great combination. Hope the new heating system will work well for ya'll. From the way it feel today here, ole man winter must be right around the corner. Your bedroom furniture is beautiful. Thank you so much for your sweet comments....I've missed you too.

    1. Hi Lisa! So good to hear from you again! And thanks for your sweet comments!

    2. Lisa ~ I went over to your blog and saw that you are from NC...are YOU ok? Did you get much damage? Enjoyed looking around your sorry about your dear Mother! Hope all is well in your corner of our world! Hugs, Cheeryshirley


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