Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Enjoying the rain and cooler temps!

      October the 2nd, already? Where did September go? I know, I ask that question every month, but it doesn't seem possible that time can go by so quickly! It's been a whirlwind of coming and going around this house lately! I got to see my girls that were visiting Morocco, and their cousin Win, along with their Moms. I also attended April's baby shower, where she received a good selection of diapers and such, that she needed for the baby. Yesterday, we all loaded up and took April to UAB for her doctor's visit. She will be going there during the rest of her pregnancy since she is a high risk. She will go once a week until she's 39 weeks, five weeks from now. I know she'll be glad when the baby is born, and so will I! Yasmine went to a Muslim school today for the first time! She loved it, Amber said! I thought she would cry for her Mamma, cause she is very attached to her, but she didn't! Yasmine is only three years old and has never been to daycare or anything! She goes regular school hours, five days a week! Her relatives are reading this blog from Morocco, so I am passing info to them. 

      The weather has been much nicer the past couple of days. Since I wrote last, the temps had gotten back into the upper 80's with high humidity! It felt almost like summer again! But, it rained yesterday and today, so the air is beginning to get cooler. I think tomorrow's temps are only going to be in the lower seventies. I'll be glad when it doesn't get warmer than that! I'm ready for fall and cooler weather! At least some leaves are beginning to turn pretty colors! Not a whole lot of leaves yet, but pretty anyway! I hope ya'll's weather is cooler where you live. 

Yasmine and Layla looking at the goats.

Layla does that when she's tired.

Daisey successfully pushed Delilah off the roof!

She's saying, "Ha Ha ha!"

Getting shoes on to go outside again. That's my glove I wear to do dishes.

I like this photo of Yasmine and the goats. You can see their blue eyes.

Sweet wave from Yasmine.

They are watching the horse eat some pears.

A nice sunny day!

Layla eating some yogurt.

Yasmine copying Layla.

Six quarts of potatoes I canned.

Girls playing in the nursery before the shower.

Winterlynn with her bruise from running into a wall.

April and her goodies.

Elaina and Winterlynn. Elaina's mommy made the cake.

The girls enjoying their food.

My sister, the grandma of three of them.

April opening baby gifts. Amber is her sister, Yasmine and Layla's mommy.

Can you tell they're saying cheese?

Silly girls!

They enjoy  being outside with uncle Ran.

He put the fence up in a  new place for the goats. Those are black walnuts on the ground; I don't like them!

Girls following uncle Ran.

Winterlynn is saying, 'You like my dress?"
      I managed to can some potatoes in between visits with the girls and I hope to can more this week. I also plan on making my first batch of soap, ever! I finally accumulated all of the ingredients and I am ready! Hope ya'll have a great week! Blessings from Bama!


  1. Very nice post. Looks like everyone had a good time. I am thankful for the cooler weather as well. You must tell how you can potatoes. Yours look great. I never cut mine up that small because they just go to mush in the canner so I want to know how you do yours.

    1. Hi Becky! My way may be somewhat controversial but I don't heat or cook the potatoes. I simply pack them into the hot jars and can them at 10 lbs. for 40 mins. They taste good and are not mushy! We've eaten some of the potatoes that I canned the other week. Hope this helps!

  2. Hi! Sounds like you lead a busy and happy life. Cooler here too but I know the gardening season is almost over and will miss the fresj veggies. Yummy looking canned potatoes! Nancy

    1. Hi Nancy! Yes, I'm sad for that reason! I love gardening as much as you do! I'm glad that I have time to prepare for next year's garden, however! Got a lot to do to the beds before it gets really cold, if it ever does!


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