Friday, January 10, 2014

Happy Fifty-Fifth Wedding Anniversary, Mom and Dad!

      Today is my Mom and Dad's anniversary: a wonderful fifty-five years! Well, I don't know if it's been so wonderful, but isn't it great they've endured so long? And they're in good health and can see fairly well! I hope Randy and I live to see fifty-five years of marriage! That would be wonderful! We're at 22&1/2 so we have a good chance! How long have you been married?

      We finally got over that Arctic blast! Did it blast you? Some people are still recovering from it. The only evidence today was some ice in the animals' water bowls. They can access the water, since the ice is thin. It was crazy, pouring water in the bowls just to have it freeze right back! We haven't seen temperatures like that in a very long time! We're back to normal now, thirties at night; forty-fifty in the day. It is supposed to warm up to 59 tomorrow! I may have to get my shorts out! It's rainy, so the rain makes it feel cold, until you bring several armloads of hickory wood up a steep hill! I got a wheel-barrow load and put the wood on the porch to dry for smoking. I hope the wood isn't too rotted. It's amazing how quickly wood will disintegrate!

      A new year has brought a new work out. I love to try new things, so after reading Katie's blog: Wellness Mama, I'm trying her workout. Now, I do have to modify some of the moves, but I love it! I had a rebounder before, but it got left outside and isn't usable except for the kids. Rebounding is so good for your body! 

  • Helps promote lymphatic drainage
  • Supports liver health
  • Good for bones
  • Helps cellular cleansing
  • Improves endurance
  • Helps with digestion
  • Helps the body detoxify on a cellular level
     You can read more about rebounding on Katie's blog or just Google it. When rebounding with fast, slow, and alternating moves: blood flow is increased, the body is oxygenated, and muscle tone is improved. What I like is that you only have to spend twenty minutes once each day! I get up a little earlier so I can rebound first thing. I find I have more energy during the rest of the day, especially in the afternoons! Maybe I should have dedicated this post just to Mom and Dad, and another one to exercise. 

      I also am doing kettlebell swings. I love them! I won't go into details like with rebounding, but they are so good for the body! I spend half the time working out! And I'm sore! These workouts aren't for everybody. One just needs to read and find out what is right. That's what I'm doing. So far so good. I'm also practicing doing pull-ups. They seem impossible! I have to do assisted. You will be informed as soon as I can actually pull myself all the way up, un-assisted! Using your own body weight is one of the best ways to workout. Pull-ups, chin-ups, and push-ups, all of which I hated before, are great weight-bearing activities. I only do a couple sets of 5-7 reps. I also found out about Tabata sprints. They only take 4 minutes! You can use any method for sprints: running, walking, re-bounding, stationery bicycle. I hope this encourages you to get up and start moving! I can hardly wait to see how quickly my body gets into shape!  Warm blessings from Bama!

Deep dish pizza!

Yum, good!

Wished I had a piece right now!

These apple muffins were delicious!

A new flag found on clearance to celebrate the hens happy home!

Smoking chicken breasts to make Skylar sandwiches for school.

Yummy spinach quiche! It didn't like me, though.

Do you ever get a 'hankering' for stewed tomatoes? I love 'em' right out of the can!

Picture of a picture taken at the show in Pigeon Forge. Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad!

Enjoying the glow of my salt lamp.

The African violets are doing well! Remember the plant Rubi got a hold of? It's growing too!


  1. Happy Anniversary to your Mom and Dad. We will be at 54 years this year! It goes by so fast. You will make it before you know it! That pizza and quiche looks so good! You make me feel guilty working out! I have not had much enthusiasm about that lately! Nancy

    1. HI Nancy! Congratulations on your 54 years! That is no small feat! Thanks, they were delicious! Please don't feel guilty; I wasn't intending on making anyone feel guilty! I just want to share what is working for me! You have to listen to your body. Blessings!

  2. Happy (belated) Anniversary to your Mom and Dad!!!! I'm with Nancy, your pizza and quiche looks so good. I'm trying to get back on a healthy exercise routine here too. Why does it seem harder to do, the older I get?! Pull-ups are hard - so you be sure and let us know when you have accomplished that feat, as it is a worthy goal! Have a great week Felecia! Stay warm!

    1. Hi Lisa! Thank you! It is harder, the older we get but I'm not going to let that stop me! I am determined to get in shape this year! And be healthier! I may not always eat the most healthy food, but I try. I guess in my mind I balance it with good workouts! Next time I won't eat the German chocolate cake all by myself! And all the other good stuff I made during the holidays! I will use constraint! Pull-ups are the hardest thing I've ever tried! I hope to accomplish that task without the assistance of a chair this year, but we'll see! I didn't think I could do push-ups, but I can do several with my knees bent! That's an accomplishment for me! I love challenging myself in this way!
      I'm also drawing closer to the Lord! He's been so good to me and I hardly gave Him the time of day! Now I want Him to consume me and my days! They're His to do with as He pleases! I believe He is the One who is guiding me in this direction of exercise! Who would have thought He would care about that! He wants me to stay healthy and active so I can carry out His plan for my life! Have a great week! Blessings!


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