Thursday, January 2, 2014

Welcome, 2014!

      I haven't posted since last year! Corny, I know! Christmas was celebrated with family, and so was New Year's day! We just didn't have as many family members here New Year's Day. Missed ya'll Amber, Yasmine, and Lulu! We went to the Smoky Mountains the day after Christmas and came back the day before New Year's Eve. We had a very nice trip! My Mom and Dad went too, so we took them to a show we saw last year! It was the Smoky Mountain Opry Christmas Spectacular! It was spectacular! Besides the show, our favorite thing to do was eat. We went to dinner every night and the food was good everywhere we went! Now we know where to eat if we go there again! Things are getting really expensive there so if we do go again, we probably won't see any shows. And, we might take our own food to cook on the grill, since eating out is also getting high. There's plenty to do there if you like the outdoors.

      We had an incident with Rubi a couple of weeks ago. The hens found an escape route and made their way into the yard. Not without Rubi's awareness, however. The girls were here and I was preparing their breakfast, and something made me look outside. I wished I had looked a lot sooner! I called Rubi, but she didn't come. I saw her standing over something white. It took a few minutes, but when she didn't respond to my call, I realized it was Silkie. She was dead. Rubi got her first taste of blood. God helped me to get the chickens back in but it took forever! Trying to keep the dogs away from the dead chicken and not eat any more of the live ones was a huge task by myself. Randy finally got home and helped. But one was unaccounted for. Later, when Randy left, the girls were outside playing and came running to the house to tell me Rubi was killing another chicken! I ran screaming and peeing my pants, trying to rescue the poor chicken! Miraculously, the chicken got up off the ground and went running to a place where I scooped her over the fence to safety. I thought she would die since her feathers were all over the ground! She is alive and doing well! Then the day before yesterday, I looked out and saw Rubi inside the area where the chickens roam! I yelled at Randy to hurry and get Rubi! He was home that day and quickly got her out before she killed another chicken. That very day, our prayer was answered and a nice young guy who wants to duck hunt, came and got her. She took right up with him and he with her. God cares, even about things like that! My life will be a little lonely, but a LOT less stressful! It will probably take half a day to clean up all the mess she's made around here! And I can wear what I want outside and not worry about getting it ripped, torn, or dirty, by Rubi! If we ever get another dog, I will pray and read up on which one best suits our homestead! Jack and Chelsea are like new dogs! They had taken a back seat to Rubi, but are like my normal pets again! They seem happier! They are even barking more!  

      I'm excited about the photos below! They were taken with my new camera I got for Christmas! I hope they are better than before!  Ya'll stay warm and have a good week! Blessings from Bama!

My uncle, Dad, Skylar, Randy, and brother.

Amber and April showing some of the girls new clothes.

Yasmine and her new boots.

My Mom.

Willie and his baby girl, Riley.

Cutie 'Lu'!

Yasmine and her 'super hero' stuff.

Showing Uncle Randy their new things.

He always welcomes us to Pigeon Forge.

Such a pretty place to visit.

Randy's boss's wife made me this shirt. She has an embroidery business.

I sort of wanted to ride this, along with the hot air balloon and the helicopter. My fear of heights must be overcome!

I don't know what kind of bird this is, but he sure is pretty. Made upstream from our campsite.

It rained all night and the next day, thus the rush of water.

The air was much colder there than here.

My handsome man!

It's hard to get a good photo in motion. The Christmas decorations are so pretty here!

I love this restaurant! It used to be a house. I had a delicious spinach-Gruyere quiche. I will let you know how the recipe turns out when I make it.

We are a happy family!

Love these pretty mountains!

Everywhere we went, there were this many cars!

Welcome to Gatlinburg!

The space needle.

Reminds me of a postcard.

Happy couple! We like this little shopping village!

Love the girls colorful costumes! The guy is ice-skating!

Ice skating to a country-sounding Christmas song!

A cute act.

Slim the juggler. That's an actual bowling ball!

Duck Dynasty impersonators. They sang good! 

A lively finale.

Nice place!

Two cuties!


  1. Yes, your photos are so nice!!! Clear shots. I want a better camera as well. Not one with fancy buttons and such. Pigeon Forge looks super nice! My youngest daughter and her fiance' want to honeymoon there. I hope they can. Looks like you had a nice Christmas. The girls are so cute! Love their uncle Randy. I'm glad Rubi found a new home where her "talents" can be used....Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin - trying to stay warm.

    1. Thanks Jacky! They will get better as I get more used to the camera. It's almost just like the one I left out in the rain. Oh, I hope she gets to! That's where we honey-mooned! Thank you, me too! Yes, stay warm!

  2. Sounds like you had so much fun in TN!!! We like Gatlinburg but haven't been there for awhile. Maybe time for another trip! LOL Sorry about Rubi killing your chickens. Glad you found a nice home for Rubi. Happy New Year! May you and your family have a great one! Nancy

    1. Hi Nancy! Oh ya'll need to go again! The shows are fantastic, not to mention the scenery! Thank you! May your New Year be blessed!

  3. Hi Bama Girl! I had a similar experience with a dog and the huge difficulties of finding a new home and dealing with the losses! So very sorry. Glad your chickens are now safe, the older dogs are free and you can safely be in your own yard. How is Skylar doing with Rubi gone? That is so tramatic on many counts...I think it is hardest for the little ones to see the scene first hand!
    Your trip with your family seems wonderful! It does look cold, though! Glad you had a Merry Christmas! Glen and I did too, but ours was very quiet and sweet. We loved it. It was a nice mixture of noise (the neighbors came over with their kids to open some presents) and sweet with phone calls long distance from our kids, and quiet with just the 2 of us celebrating the incredible gift of our King!
    Hope life returns to "normal" once the yard is cleaned up and all is quiet on the homefront! Love, Cheeryshirley

    1. Hi Cheeryshirley! Yes, it's a bitter sweet experience that we had with Rubi, but she's in a better place. One where she'll be trained to do the things she loves! Skylar is O.K. with it, but now he wants a German Shepard! I don't! Guess who wins on that one!
      We had a great time, and yes it was cold, for what I'm used to! It prepared me for what is coming here, though. It's supposed to get down to 6 degrees here Monday night! We don't have cold like that except once in 30 years! What a beautiful way to celebrate Jesus! Maybe ya'll will see the kids soon!
      Life is returning back to normal, slowly. I do miss Rubi, though. Blessings!

  4. Blessings and Happy New Year to you and your family! Your new camera took FANTASTIC shots!! But think a lot of that has to do with the person who's snapping the shots! Great job. Looks like you had a joyful, family Christmas and vacation. How nice to spend some time in the Smoky Mountains during the holidays.

    Sorry to hear Rubi didn't work out, but completely understand and sympathize with how you'd been 'living'. So glad things have already settled down and you feel comfortable going out in your own backyard. Through the years we've lost a chicken here and there to a domestic dog - usually one of our neighbors' dogs. Before I married Tom, I lived on a 40 acre piece of land where my girls and I enjoyed raising chickens, goats, horses and all things 'country' and 'farm-living'... bordering a good friend's farm who raised goats using Pyrenes as guard dogs. Their dogs would jump their very well-made fence, to come all the way to my place to eat my chickens. Once a dog has a taste of 'blood', that's it... they will usually want more..... and these Pyrenes eventually turned onto the little goats they were supposed to be 'guarding' and had to sent to new homes. I was SO glad as I was SO tired of dealing with such conflict with neighbors I loved. We are very fortunate that where we live now there are very few dogs running off-leash. It'd be even worse, what you had to deal with, when it's your own dog you're trying to train and they're not being obedient. Rubi will be so happy duck-hunting.... and from the sounds of it, will make a great duck-hunting dog. Blessings to you Felecia!

    1. Hi Lisa! You always say the kindest things! Thank you! Wow! Forty acres! That sounds nice! But so sorry you had to experience those losses with your neighbors' dog! It's hard to determine which breed makes a good 'homestead' dog! My dogs run off leash but they stay home, thank goodness! If we lived in town, we'd have to fence them. So glad we live where we do! Yes, she has a nice owner who will take care of her; and he even lets her ride inside his truck! I believe they will be good friends! Blessings to you too, Lisa!


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