Sunday, January 19, 2014

Pizza and the Girls!

      As I sit here writing this, Randy is smoking chicken for Skylar's lunch this week! Tomorrow, I'll grill chicken for the rest of his lunch this week. Why didn't my Mom do that for us? The lunches are a lot worse now than way back then, that's why. Randy is also trying to build a ramp for the boy goats to climb on, but Java keeps head-butting and tearing down what he's doing! Silly goats! They don't realize he's trying to make their life more pleasant! Goats are funny creatures! We are going to breed our girls next month in hopes of babies this summer! Have you seen baby Nigerian Dwarf goats? They are adorable!

      The sun is shining nicely but it's still cool! Even though the temp says 53, it feels like 43 cause of the wind. The temp is supposed to be much colder this week. I do not like cold weather. I'm ready for warmer days! We just don't usually have this many cold days, here! I'm contemplating planting tomato seeds soon, but the guy down the road says he doesn't start his until mid-February. I don't know if I can wait! I love to watch them grow! I hope to have more cardboard again this year to lay down for a weed barrier in the garden. I also hope to add some more blueberry bushes where the chicken run used to be. We closed that area off and added a different section for the hens. They seem happy with the new area, but last week I saw one running to the closed off run and bounce off the fence! I felt so sorry for her!

      I've been working on the layout of the blog a bit. I like the new colors and I'm hoping I have the watermark figured out. I tried to change the favicon and add a signature but no success with either. I spent way too long to try again soon! Tech stuff doesn't come easy for me. I'd rather be making bread or jumping or something! I forgot to download the photos to picmonkey so I could watermark the them. Guess I'll have to figure out something else.

      I wanted some English muffins for breakfast last week, so I looked through my stash of recipes and found one that sounded good. They turned out really good! I'm enjoying them with my eggs, or just alone with my homemade blackberry jelly. The recipe I use for my pizza dough is found at King Arthur Flour. I have the cookbook, but you can find it online on their website. It's the first one they post. It makes enough for three pizzas. I also found a super easy recipe using the Cuisinart that makes three doughs. I don't know which one I like better. I think the Cuisinart one, cause it's so quick!

      The girls, all four of them came Friday and stayed until Saturday. Can you believe they all slept through the night without waking up? They did so good! I'm glad Ran was here to help cause with the baby, they are a handful! He enjoys them as well as I do. They may be here again this weekend as we will be celebrating Win's fourth birthday! So hard to believe she'll be four! They are growing up way too fast! The baby,even though she's small, is walking all over the place and climbing and saying words! She jabbers all the time! She's so cute! My house! Anyone want to volunteer to help clean? I didn't think so! Oh well, I had to clean it anyway!

      I had to order a new rebounder. The one I got at first from Walmart was fine for a few days. Then my toes and feet started hurting, so I used my shoes. That didn't help. Then my knee started hurting so I told Ran this wasn't going to get it. I loved jumping on that thing so I decided to get a Cellerciser. I did a lot of reading and comparing before I chose this one. It's like jumping on a trampoline and the other one is like jumping on a brick! What a difference! I can hardly wait to get back on it tomorrow! It is so much fun!

      I hope ya'll are staying full and warm! Have a nice week! Blessings from Bama!

Delicious Italian grilled chicken!

English muffins cooking.

All done and cooling! They taste more like a yest roll until you toast them. They are probably as good as I'm going to make.

The girls really enjoyed jumping on the rebounder from Walmart.

They love uncle Randy!

Fixing the top so the goats won't slide off.

Sam loves to get inside the area where the hay is.

Silly Java!

Posing for his pic!

The three pizza doughs.

English muffins after being cut. They have been sprinkled with corn meal.


  1. Hi Felecia, I am feeling ok. Just had my pet scan and everything looks good. Your english muffins look heavenly.
    I have been dieting for two weeks and I am craving bread, sweets...anything good!
    The smoked chicken looks great too. Busy times. Love your pictures. Take care and thanks for stopping by.

    1. Hi Linda! So glad you are feeling O.K.! And things are looking good! Thanks! I can hardly deprive myself of bread cause that makes me want it more! Yes, the chicken is delicious! Thanks! You too! Blessings!

  2. You made those english muffins - wow - good job! They look great. I always laugh at the pictures of the girls with Randy - you can tell they all love each other. His face in the recliner with the girls climbing all over him - priceless. Cleaning? What is that? I have a mountain of laundry to do and sort today - I have been putting it off since the wedding. After church yesterday, I actually put on capris - my "summer" clothes were the only ones clean! I didn't go outside - however, it is not unusual to see people in Wisconsin with shorts on in the stores in Jan. Feb. We even laugh at that and say..."only in Wisconsin..."

    1. Hi Jacky! Yes, thank you! They LOVE him! That's a LOT of laundry! They do that here, too! But in Wisconsin? Not me! Thanks for stopping by! Blessings!

  3. Hi Bama Girl! Wow!! Lovely new surprise when I opened your blog this morning...your new look is great! I like the colors!
    Love that picture of Randy and the girls! Hahaha..their faces! Shows a fun relationship! I can't believe the goats would walk on that looooong skinny ramp! Yikes!
    Your English Muffins look so YUMMO! Would love your recipe! I haven't had English Muffins in many, many years and I think its about time to remedy that...would you share your recipe? I've never made them before! I love how you try everything in your "under 3 acre homestead"!
    It is great that you send lunch with much better for him! And, it will be forever in his memories of Mom & Dad nurturing and loving him! You never know how your "sacrifices" of today with the girls and Skylar will mold and shape their future lives! God bless you in your dear life! Love, Cheeryshirley

    1. Hi Cheeryshirley! Thank you! They all get along so well! I know! So far they haven't made it to the top without falling off. I think I'll share that recipe in the next post. They taste more like a yeast roll than an English muffin.
      Before long, sending lunch for him will be a thing of the past. He graduates in May! I love spending time with them and doing things for them! Thank you, Cheeryshirley! Blessings!

  4. I like your new blog look too! ....and you made homemade English muffins?! Quite impressive! They look delicious. Are they hard to make? You make everything look so easy. Hope your knee and feet are feeling better. My feet began hurting so bad last year, I have to wear orthotic inserts in my shoes now.... and it was all triggered by 'exercise'! Hope it's not too cold your way! Have a great week!

    1. Hi Lisa! Thanks Yes, they are not hard to make at all! I hope to share the recipe soon. Yes my knee and feet are fine since I quit jumping on the 'brick'! The new rebounder is so soft to jump on that I can jump barefoot. I'm sorry to hear about your feet. I hope they are better now. I guess runners have that problem. It's very cold here! And going to get colder! Thanks! Blessings!

  5. You are such a good mama and grandma! I think baby goats are so so cute! Nancy

    1. Awe...thank you Nancy! But I'm not a Grandma yet; those are our great-nieces! We are practicing for one day! Baby goats are almost as cute as human 'kids'! Blessings!

    2. Lucky great nieces they are to have you!!!! Nancy


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