Wednesday, September 14, 2011

More scuppernong jelly.... and pear preserves!

      I was so fortunate to go to my sister's; and I hadn't gotten all of the scuppernongs! So, I picked the rest of them. They turned out almost as good as the other batch. There is a slight difference in Sure-jel and the Ball pectin I used in the other batch. The pear tree had been shaken, so I picked up a five gallon bucket of pears. I made four jars of very dark, almost burnt preserves. Hubby said they tasted good, though. I won't be making any more of these again. Pears are very hard to cut. I found an easier way to peel them using my potato peeler.
      It's nice to have these tasks behind me so I can move on to other things I've been wanting to do, like sewing. I still haven't finished the pillowcase dress I started the other week, so maybe tomorrow I'll get to work on it. Oh yeah, I want to make pepper jelly, too. Maybe tomorrow will be the day for that as well. I miss blogging too, so hopefully I'll be doing more of that. Thanks for reading and have a nice night or day!

A mix of green and bronze colored scuppernongs. They are considered the white grape.

I only used a few pears off the top.

Loving my "new" Zo!

Looks like dejavou!

Whole wheat oat and raisin bread.

The very dark pear preserves.


  1. We did not have one scuppernong the whole year. I think our vine must be diseased or just dying from age. It is very old.

    Yep, pears are very hard to cut. You have to find the just right stage to cut them-a little soft, but not too soft. You have been busy girl!

  2. Hi Bama Girl!
    Your amount is canning is amazing! Wow! By the way, which pectin do you prefer? I've decided I prefer using pectin than not.

  3. Yes, I've ben busy but I love it! Momma Hen.

    Lisa, I think I like the Ball, actually, but now I can only find Surejel, and it is hard to find.


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