Saturday, September 3, 2011

September and hot weather!

      I was remembering last year, how the temps. got up to a hundred every day in September! I think this month could be the same if it weren't for the tropical depression that is heading this way. The weather has been so hard on the country this year. I pray that the Midwest will get rain soon, that some of this rain will somehow divert itself to them. We are dry, but with humidity, if that makes any sense. 
Looks like blood but it is transmission fluid.
      We were going camping this weekend, but changed our minds since our son needed his dad's assistance with changing a water pump on his Jeep. I'm glad we stayed, because as usual, it would have been too difficult for son to do it without his dad.
      I've been real busy this past month with numerous projects going on. I took a couple sewing classes that really helped me. I won't be gong back for awhile because I need to practice what I've learned.
Size two ruffle pants. The instructor helped me make.
      I'm also making a pillowcase dress out of an actual pillowcase. And, I'm re-doing a dress that I made for Yasmine last year for her first birthday to give it to her little sister, Layla.

Layla, but not the dress I made.
      Here is the dress I made: 

Lighting is not so good but  I think you can make it out. It's the Oliver and S. Popover dress.
      Her is the pillowcase dress I'm working on:
Actual pillowcase purchased at WM.
Winterlynn! Today.

Scores at sister's yard sale. On the look out for a lid for the crockpot.

Another score from the yard sale. Went in the guest bathroom to hold toilet paper.

Pears awaiting to be make into pear preserves, but they are rotting suddenly.

Showing off her hairbow. I am going to make some of these, too.

Not a happy camper modeling her tutu that I made.

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