Thursday, February 16, 2012

Chocolate chip duck egg cookies!

      Yes, I said duck egg! That's what I used to make my Ghirardelli chocolate chip cookies! And boy, are they good! All that chocolate goodness with pecans and everything. The house still smells delicious! Our son enjoyed them hot out of the oven when he got home from school with a nice glass of milk. I can't imagine not purchasing sugar to use for occasional treats like this. I'm a Southern girl who gave up drinking sweet tea so I could cut out most of my sugar consumption. I've got to have a little now and then!
      We've been having warmer weather again this week. I just needed a light jacket when I walked, and had to take it off half way through my walk. Yesterday, It was plum warm! NO jacket at all! I worked in my raised beds yesterday planting pak choy seeds, Bibb lettuce, and spinach. Today, I noticed some green leaves in the old tomato bed and something orange poking up out of the ground. It was a carrot! It is so big and left over from the summer! I don't know if it will taste bitter or what, but I'm going to try it tomorrow. It is a Nantes half long or something like that because it's not very long. I'm glad the weather is where I can get my hands in the dirt. I really enjoy gardening! This year should be easier since  our raised beds are made and ready for planting. I still need to clean them out, but that's not very time consuming. Last year, when we put them in, it seemed like it would take forever to complete because we got started late. We built them and put dirt in them when it was hot. That was a job! I have posts about that in my archives. Got to get back at it, ya'll! Blessings from Bama!

Oriental chicken salad, oh so good!

Chocolate chip cookie dough, awaiting the oven.

Hot and fresh out of the oven!

Fresh duck and hen eggs.

Baguettes cooked on a baguette rack. (This is just foil, not the rack.)

This is our favorite bread made in the bread machine. It's the sourdough that doesn't use a starter.

I used this book for my baguette dough. It's amazing what you  can make using your bread machine!

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  1. Oh I'll have to get that book. Been looking for a recipe for sourdough that doesn't require a starter (for the machine). Yumm!
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