Monday, February 20, 2012

Just a little moving around here, on the homestead.

      Saturday, before it started raining, hubby and I were outside trying to clean things up a bit. Before you know it, we had a pile of bricks moved and some limbs on a pile burning. It started to rain a little, but I was already in motion and didn't want to stop. I decided this would be the perfect time to transplant the raspberry bushes. They were very easy to dig up and move to their new home. I also brought in a blackberry transplant from the woods. It's hard for blackberries to bloom and produce fruit there, because of the shade. I'm sure at one time it wasn't as shady there. When I came inside, I poured up the chicken stock that had been cooking in the crockpot and got a couple jars to store in the freezer. I used the same bones and put on another batch to cook. The second batch didn't make as much, but the color was darker. I used some today in my Italian flavored bean soup. I also used home-canned Italian sauce made this past summer. It was delicious with the cornbread cooked in the cast iron skillet. I wouldn't make my cornbread any other way! I also made yogurt in the crockpot, but I forgot to put in the starter until too late. I salvaged some of it but the rest was too watery. I have some in the making now and this time I won't forget to add the starter at the right time! Oops! I ate the rest of the yogurt I was going to use as the starter! I'll scoop out some of the thin, just made yogurt and use that. This batch may be botched as well! I'll be using the yogurt in my homemade sour dough bread, so that way it will get used up. Plus, for individual servings, I want to mix in some of the jams and jellies I've been making. Just a couple of teaspoons will make it fruity and a little sweet. I'll use blackberry jelly and sometimes a little strawberry jam. It tastes much better than store bought, I'm sure! That is, if this batch turns out. If not, I'll be trying it again! I have some photos to share, so enjoy! Also, I'm trying to do the linky thing, so if it shows up on my sidebar, feel free to be a linky follower! Blessings from Bama!

Italian bean soup.

I could have eaten the whole skillet of cornbread!

Yogurt on the stove method, then into crockpot.

Blackberry transplant.

Blackberry transplant.

Black raspberry transplanted into raised bed.

Another raspberry moved into a raised bed.

Strawberry plants look like their doing well. Kept inside fencing or chickens can get to them.

Homemade chicken broth or stock.

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  1. I agree ~ cast iron skillet is the only way to cook cornbread! Your soup looks absolutely delicious! Hope your transplants do well and thrive in their new placement.


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