Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Is it February or March?

      Looking outside my window as I write this, it looks like February, but it feels like March! Or Even early April! The weather is so nice, as has been most days this past week. I've been outside on the days it wasn't raining, moving bricks, cleaning out a vegetable bed, planting seeds, trimming rose bushes. In the house, I've been cooking, alot! We love good food, no boxed stuff here, (except an occasional Velveeta mac and cheese for my son) and I cook mostly from scratch. I especially have been making a lot of bread from the bread machine. It just tastes so much better than store bought! Some things I even cook just for me since I know they won't eat it. Why should I not get to enjoy the things I like to eat, just because they don't eat them? Today it was frosted cauliflower with cheese. I actually steamed the cauliflower last night after I canned the strawberry pie filling. I can't wait to open a jar of that and put it in a pie! It looks just like Shoney's strawberry filling. The things that I cook may sound like a lot of trouble to go through, but to me it's a pleasure! If I worked outside the home, I doubt I'd get to make half the stuff I make. That would be sad for me. I'm not crafting at this time or working on any inside remodel or paint projects. I'm planning my garden and working outside a good bit. And of course, I'll continue to create tasty food in my beautiful kitchen! Blessings from Bama!
A nice big Amish sweet potato!

Some seeds I'll be planting in March.

Homemade parmesan breadsticks with Tammy's recipe.

The most delicious Asian cabbage soup!

Sourdough bread from the bread machine. No starter necessary!

Yummy candied sweet potatoes!

Thawed blackberries from the homestead. Made juice for jelly.

I didn't have enough cheesecloth!

So I improvised with coffee filters! Worked pretty good!  Then I poured it through a fine mesh sieve.

One of the canning books I use. See Ball Blue Book underneath?

Waterbath for the strawberry pie filling. I'm cooking a crust now to cool for the pie later.

Tortilla press purchased at a yard sale. I like the way it works.

Tortilla in iron skillet.

Strawberry pie filling.

After using the press, I rolled the tortillas even more. We like them thin.

Cauliflower in steamer basket.

Burritoes with homemade tortillas.


  1. Your making me so hungry with all of those pics. I could live on homemade bread. I bet your house smells so good!

    I just went to Wal-Mart and saw that they are already putting the Sping stuff out. Yippee! I've been wanting to buy some small shrubs for my backyard. I was like a kid in a candy store, ha!

  2. I got my seed catalogs the other day and had such a great time planning out this year's garden. Too bad I don't have more space...

    Love your scratch cooking! I tried to make tortillas once (without a press) and they were a horrible mess. But oh, do I love soft, fresh tortillas with honey butter. YUM!

  3. Hi! Just wanted to let you know you won the cookbook giveaway over at my blog. Just email me your address to clarksrfun at gmail dot com and I'll get it out to you this week. Thanks!

  4. Oh wow! My mouth is just a watering!!! So impressed that you can make all of these yummy foods from scratch!

    ~Newest Follower! I'm hosting a give-away, so come by and enter, if you'd like! :)


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