Thursday, August 2, 2012

August, already?

      It just can't be! Where did the last week of July, go? I like being busy, but really! I'm sure ya'll feel the same way that I do when another months rolls by. I feel like I just got started with the month, and before I know it, it's gone. Oh well, got to go with the flow! Everything is such a blur of this past week since I last posted. Did that sentence make sense? You know what I mean. I'm still running on adrenaline from taking care of babies all of those days! But we had a blast! I did manage to cut, peel, and chop a few things in between. I'll show you below. We have had a couple of good rains, but man is it still hot! I walked Tuesday morning after a nice shower, and that's what it felt like when I got through, like I'd been in a shower! The humidity was unbelievable at 76 degrees that morning! The temps have been in the upper nineties since that morning, and today there is a breeze along with it.

      My garden looks OK, but the tomatoes still do not taste very good. The cucumber vines have lots of blooms, just no cucumbers yet. Do you think they will produce some? The pumpkin vines seem to be thriving, and I got a nice small harvest of okra, today. I'm looking forward to a fall garden, but it's a bit early to plant turnip greens and cabbage, I think. I was gifted with some pears this morning that I think I'll can in a light syrup. Yesterday, I canned tomatoes with peppers (ro-tel). I hope it tastes good! Today, I've been chopping cucumbers and bell peppers I bought at the store. They are going to be sweet salad cubes. It takes a couple of days for the process. It's actually called sweet pickle relish, but I'm not putting the onions in it. I hope that won't mess it up. I use the recipe found on pick your own .org. I would like to have recipes on my blog one day, but I just don't have time to do that right now. I hope ya'll are staying cool and enjoying the summer! I'll be back next week! Blessings from Bama!

Tea time for these three!

I usually have one or both kids under me while I cook.

Terriyaki chicken stir-fry, Skylar's favorite.

Inside where it's cooler. Birthday party people.

They had such a good time!

All shapes, sizes, and colors.

Layla is opening her presents. She'll be two.

Got to have a drink  when it's hot outside!

Yasmine pushing Eden.

A passion flower! The vine just appeared and is taking over!

The passion vine is taking over the irises.

The wisteria is blooming again!

I love the way the wisteria flower looks and smells.

The tomato plants are getting very tall.

Maybe these tomatoes will taste better!

Pumpkin vine in bloom. Hopefully it will produce nice, big pumpkins!

A beautiful night sky!

Chopped jalapenos.

Tomatoes waiting to be put into jars with the peppers.

Tomatoes and peppers in jars in the canner.

These boots are as long as her leg!

Trying on Skylar's shoes.

Chopping peppers for the cucumber pickles.

Chopped cucmbers.

This is all that is left of baked ziti from last night!

I finally got these finished!

Sixteen jars of peppers and tomatoes! Pears that were given to us this morning. What shall I do with these?

Okra and a tomato from this morning's harvest.


  1. Nice pictures. The kids are wonderful. I do so miss my grandson.

    1. Hi Becky! I'm sorry you miss your grandson! I hope you get to see him soon!

  2. Hi Bama Girl, Lots of sweet little ones to have fun with! My tomatoes seem to taste okay but the skin is tough. Wonder why! That is what I have to say too! Is it August already!! Enjoy the fruits of your labor! Nancy

    1. Thanks, Nancy! I am beginning to enjoy the fruits already!


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