Friday, September 14, 2012

Enjoying the 'babies'!

      Ya'll will probably get tired of reading about goats, but just endure for while! They are such little characters! Yesterday and today, they were climbing on their house! They also climbed on the little 'Jeep' we put out there for them! It was such a sight to see! You'll get to see in the photos below. It doesn't matter who's outside, they are going to call for your attention! The neighbors, Skylar while he's working on his Jeep, or someone walking down the road! They don't care, just so somebody pays them attention! They even call for me when I've been in the house too long! I love their little cries! I just love farm animals! I am so glad we have them!

      We ordered some local breakfast sausage and we'll be picking it up tomorrow! I think it's about an hour away, but that's OK because the scenery between here and there is so beautiful! It's between here and Chattanooga. We may even get some glimpse's of fall! I am seeing changes in the way the trees look already! I can hardly wait for the little mountain across the street to become alive with fall colors! It is so beautiful when that happens! 

      The hens are laying between two and four eggs, now. I really don't understand their cycle and I just hope they will continue to lay! Oh yeah, my Mom identified the plant with the berries! It is poke salad with berries, which are called poke berries. There may be another name, that's all she knew. I'm glad to know what they are so I won't be wondering all the time! 

      I'm hoping to get through with all I have to do today so I can go and pick pears! I hope I haven't waited too late, since the season was early this year! I picked them as late as the middle of October last year and they were so sweet! Hope ya'll enjoy your weekend! Blessings from Bama!

I snapped this photo just as she was climbing! I was so glad to get these pictures!

Delilah made it! Now, if only Daisey can figure out how to get up there!

She took off the other side while Daisey is still trying to get up there! She never made it, though

This old Jeep is coming in handy for the girls!

Daisey made it!

They look so cute in here!

How about a nice hot, roll? They turned out delicious!


  1. Poke salad is good to eat but not the berrys they are poison. Some people say the greens are to, but I have been eatting them all my life. You just have to wash them two or three times warming them almost to a boil between washes. I love Poke salad and scrambled eggs cooked together with green onions. And my grandmother used to eat Poke salad and hog brains cooked togethe.

    1. Hi David and Darcy! Yes, I remember my grandparents talking about poke salad! My Mom used to eat it too! I don't know about the hog brains, but I wouldn't doubt it since my grandmother used to love pickled pigs feet! I probably ate them too, just don't remember it! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. The goats are so cute! I didn't know they would climb that young. I love your goat pictures and look forward to more. The rolls look great too!

  3. Your goat gals are too cute! My dad used to have goats, and they do provide a lot of entertainment! He finally had to get rid of them. He had a few stubborn ones who would NOT stay in the fence, even a hot wire fence! ha! My dad's pen was close to the local High School, and we lost count of the times the principal and secretary called my brother to the office, to get the goats off the football field! haha! Thanks goodness, I was away in college by then! Hope you are enjoying the oncoming Fall season in your neck of the woods! ...take care! :)

    1. Hi Rhonda! That is too funny! You would've been so embarrassed if YOU had were the one called to the office! Yes, I am enjoying a bit of the cooler weather! Humidity makes if feel much hotter, though!


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