Monday, September 10, 2012

Our goat babies are here!

      We are so excited about our baby goats! They are so cute! And they sound like a real baby when they cry! They love our attention, and when you are outside, they cry loudly for you to come and visit them! Right now, we have them where the chicken yard was. We closed off the entrance so the babies could not go down to where the chicken feed is. I'm afraid they'll eat too much and get bloat! It's a temporary thing, until we get the back fenced off. The hubs wanted to go ahead and do that this week! So when he gets home every evening from work, we'll be working on the new fence. We purchased them from a very sweet couple, that we new from church, years ago! They have a very nice farm, garden and orchard! She also sells homemade soap that I purchased, and I absolutely love it! It smells better than any soap I've ever smelled! And, its all natural with essential oils!
      Oh, did I forget to tell you? The goats are Nigerian Dwarfs. They originated in Africa, thus the name. They are the perfect size for the smaller homestead. The milk has as high a butterfat content as an original sized goat! Maybe even more! You can be assured, I'll at least give cheese making a try! I just think about all of the things I can make from their milk! But, I've got to find a billy to breed them with. Local, of course! I know God will hook us up at just the right time, like He has done now! I still have to look, though! 

      I just planted some more swiss chard, turnips, beets, and spinach. The other seeds I planted are turning into small plants! It's dry again, so I'm going to have to water everything. The okra is coming in nicely. I will cut some more today. I have some photos to share, so I'll end for now. I can hear the babies crying for me as I write this! That is so sweet! Ya'll have a great week! Blessings from Bama!

Hot banana peppers and jalapenos, ready to come out of the water bath.

Dried green beans and zucchini chips.

Skylar loves animals! The neighbors horses love attention, too!

Notice, the grey horse is looking at the baby goats!

After coaxing out of the doghouse, they seem to be enjoying the blackberry vines!

It so funny how other animals react with different kinds of animals!

The markings on these girls are so pretty!

The dog house makes a nice shelter for them.

A better view.

They seem to like this tall grass!

Even the dogs are watching the goats!

Randy really likes his new 'babies'!

What is this? It's everywhere out here!

Daisy and Delilah like the shade!



  1. Oh,they are so cute! Ours are Nubians.

    I can't remember what that purple bush is called, but its berries are poisonous for people. Don't eat them! I don't know about the goats, but I know our chickens avoid them so they may not be good for animals either. Does anyone else have any insight into this plant?

    1. Yours are cute too!

      I guess that's why I felt compelled to grab the hose right quick after sampling one!

  2. My chickens avoid rutabaga, turnips, granny smith apples, white bread and sweets, none of which are poisonous. They might be chokeberries, not poisonous. IF they are chokeberries, they are good to have:

    Take some, including leaves to your county agent. Don't take my word for it.

    1. Hey, that's a good idea! I've heard of chokeberries! I hope that's what they are!

  3. Daisy and Delilah - love the new names! It was so fun to see all the pictures of the girls in their new home. They look so content. We'll enjoy getting to see them grow up.

    1. Hi Leanne! I like their names beginning with the same letter. I like Delilah on the radio, not the one in the Bible! Yes, you will definitely get to see the girls grow up!

  4. It will be fun having your goats I would think! I tried drying zuchinni once and didn't like it. So many people do and like them that I think I should try again next year! Nancy

    1. Hi Nancy! Oh, they are so much fun! I would like to have more! The zucchini chips are good to me! Maybe you'll like them next time you try them!

  5. Thats polk salad.
    and the polk berries were once used to make ink.
    the declaration of independence is written in polk berry ink.
    I am mamma hens husband. and yes i have used polk berries to make ink.
    it is poisonous but can be cooked and eaten if done properly. ( not worth the effort)
    do not eat the berries...ever....

    1. Hi Pappa Rooster! That is so interesting! Thank you so much for the info and the link! I won't ever put one in my mouth again! Thanks for stopping by!


  7. I don't know what the bush is either but we had some when we lived in Tulsa and my kids loved to squish them and get them all over themselves though I watched them carefully cause I didn't know if they were poisonous or not.

  8. Hi DeAnn! They are poke berries! They do have a lovely color, and it's a good thing your kids didn't ingest them! They are poisonous!


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