Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Celebrating a fiftieth birthday!

      But it's not mine! The hubs turned 50 yesterday! He doesn't look it, and he certainly doesn't act it! What's a 50 year-old supposed to look and act like anyway? They're only the numbers of years that we've lived on this earth, not the total of years that we'll ever live! I passed that mark a couple of years ago, and I feel better than I did in my 20's! I still get compliments, so it must not be all bad! Happy birthday, baby!

      UAB got in touch with my niece and set up an appointment to do tests on her Monday. So next week may be the week when we get baby Riley! Her big sister, Win, is waiting anxiously, as are the rest of us! My other nieces arrived home from Morocco and are on their way here today! I finally get to see them! That's why I'm blogging now, in case I don't get to later in the week. They will be here a couple of days at least.

      I canned potatoes this past Saturday and I'm pleased with the results! I went by Aldi's yesterday and they had the already low price of potatoes, marked down even more! .39 a bag! I got four more bags and am contemplating starting on them when I finish this post. Since the girls are coming, I may need to wait. (I waited!)

      I started back juicing today, preparing apples, spinach, carrots, celery, an orange, frozen strawberries and blueberries, in the VitaMix. It tasted like orange! That's the only distinguishable flavor I could taste! It was delicious, but I don't think it will hold me until dinner! My head feels funny and I'm kind of hungry! I need to loose some weight so I thought this would be the healthiest way! I may just have to be hungry until my body gets used to it. I'll let you know how it turns out! Thanks for reading and following along on our little homestead journeys! Blessings from Bama!

In case you don't know what peeled potatoes look like! LOL!

All chopped up and ready to go in jars.

All ready to be pressure canned!

Fifteen jars of canned potatoes.

This is a tool made entirely by hand from a young man my husband knows.

My cake I made from scratch. I had no confectioners sugar and made my own. The icing is not as spreadable using the homemade version.

Happy birthday boy! The stool was hand made from pallets by the same person who made the tool!
A neat idea I got from someone's blog. Saves room and keeps the onions fresher.

My 'haul' from Aldi's!



  1. Oh me, what a deal at Aldi! You go girl. I'll probably stop by there and see if I can find some at mine.

    1. Yes, I was so excited! I read about other people getting good deals like that, and now I did!

  2. Hi Bama Girl, happy birthday to your hubby. Wonderful cake. You are so self sufficient. I never know what you are going to do next. I have never know anyone to can potatoes....

    1. Thank you Linda! The potatoes are such a blessing to have canned, especially if you're running short on time!

  3. Does the guy who made the tool and the stool sell things like that? Yhese few posts certainly have lots of canning done. I am impressed.

    1. So far, he only has gotten started. These are some of the first things he made. He made them for my husband since they are friends, and only charged a little. He's only 19, but he's very good! We are trying to encourage him to branch out into new territory and sell something! If you are interested in something, I'll see if he will make it for you.
      I got a really good deal on chicken breasts at Aldi Wednesday, $1.69 a pound so I canned them and got 13 pints. I forgot to photo those and will show them in my next post.


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