Friday, September 21, 2012

Loving this "fall-ish" weather!

      The sun is still plenty hot, however! The angle of the sun is very different, too! It's rays are shining in rooms it usually doesn't. I just love this time of year! It's quite cooler this September than it was last year! Last year, the month of September saw 100 degree days almost every day! So, this is more like it! The highs have been in the low to mid eighties and the lows have been in the fifties. The temps don't stay in the fifties for long, though. (I just hope it's not a windy, blustery kind of winter! I can't stand to be out in the cold wind!) The high school homecoming is tonight, so I hope we win! Great weather for a football game!

      I've been in the kitchen a lot this week, peeling, cutting, and chopping pears. It seems like a lot of work, but when I take the jars out of the canner, they look so pretty! I might even can more pears, but I'll have to get more pears first. Last year at this time, I was more in the crafty and yard sale stuff. I made a fall banner and had fall decorations everywhere! This year, my mind is more about canning and filling the pantry. Funny how time changes things! I still like to craft, and will, if I ever get through with canning. Amber and the girls will be home from Morocco Sunday and I can hardly wait to see them again! I hope they will come here next week! We may be getting a baby next week, if UAB decides to take April's baby! We'll see! If all of these things happen, don't be surprised if you don't see any posts from me! I'll get back with ya'll as soon as I can and let you know. Of course there will be photos! Ya'll have a nice weekend! Blessings from Bama!

Win was here and spent the night. She loves to slide and play outside!

Win loves to go in the 'forest' behind our house. She found these acorns.

Here is what the pears were supposed to look like! They taste delicious! Use like applesauce.

Daisey and Delilah in their favorite spot!

With all of those pear peelings and cores, I made more vinegar!

The dark one is red wine vinegar and the other one is the first pear vinegar I made. See the 'mother'?

I ran across a recipe for Italian dressing and gave it a try. I used it in the pasta salad, and it tastes delicious!

I just took these lightly sweetened canned pears out of the canner. Aren't they pretty?


  1. You'll have to show me how to make vinegar!

    1. Hi Leanne! It is so easy, you won't believe it! We really need to get together again soon!

  2. Yes, the pears are pretty. have been busy. Win is so cute. It feels like Fall up here in Wisconsin - shutter to say it - but, north of us had snow showers last night....yikes! I want a Fall - because we were cheated out of a Spring! Blessings from up here...

    1. Thanks Jacky! I can hardly imagine snow this time of year! It got really hot here today, though! Still sweating from only a small walk and standing by the canner!

  3. Ok, I have the pears but I will need to know how to make the vinegar too. Someone sent directions to me once but I don't know what I did with them. I have printed directions to everything you could ever want to do here but I can never find anything!
    It is much cooler this September for us too, of course, we are liking it but we are about due for a bad winter. Haven't had one in many years. I don't like wind either. Trees fall so easily here and I really hate ice storms. Snow I could deal with but we seldom get it.

    1. Hi Becky! Just use the cores and the peeling from the pears, stuff them into a jar, pour Apple Cider Vinegar with the mother in it, maybe a quarter cup, and fill the rest with water. Let sit in a cupboard for about a month or so, and you will begin to see the 'mother' growing on top. You can use it then, by straining into another container, or continue to let it 'grow'. That's just from my memory, not the actual recipe.
      Sounds like ya'll have about the same kind of winters that we do! We'll see what winter brings us this year.


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