Saturday, August 6, 2011

I had Winterlynn yesterday and today!

      She is such a joy to be around! She is eighteen months and smart as a whip! I have some photos of her and my recent canning experiments. I stayed up until 2 am working on the tomato relish, but it was worth it. It is delicious! Hope ya'll are having a great weekend!

She loves "side" outside.

Trying to stomp a bug.

Trying to put on a boot.

Taking insole out of boot.

Wearing Skylar's flipflops.

Mommie gave her a bath.

Is she picking them up or spreading them around?

Kept on getting up and down from the swing.
Cherry tomatoes and figs from our garden. Veggie soup in jars. Also, Italian tomato sauce.

The makings of home canned baked beans.

Baked beans in canner. My first time using it!

Everything I've canned had to be at ten pounds pressure.

More cherry tomatoes. 

Seven quarts of baked beans.

I add kidney beans to baked beans so I canned a bunch of kidney beans, too.
Beans, soup, and fig preserves on top.

Homemade zucchini muffins. Some for eating, some for freezing.

Tomato relish, good on beans or even toast!

Pickled cherry tomatoes.

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