Friday, August 12, 2011

Sweet Summertime!

      I love summer! I've been so busy lately with my latest infatuation, canning. My sister and I canned ten quarts of tomatoes and okra (out of her garden!) yesterday and it took all day! I never dreamed it would take that long, but we did it at her house on her older stove that I'm not familiar with. I was a little apprehensive about turning the eye all the way up, so I kept it on seven. It seemed to take forever to reach ten pounds pressure. Then we had to do a second batch, but it didn't take as long. I got to spend some time with Winterlynn while I was there, so that made everything better.
      My garden is kind of at a stand still, except for the figs. My pepper and eggplants are growing nicely, though. I am dehydrating some figs now. I've found that with the way the figs are coming in, a few at a time, that is the best way to preserve them. I can make fig preserves using dried figs. There are also many other recipes I have that use dried figs. I'm really happy about my summer food preservation. I have more things  canned than I thought I would. There are also things that I would like to have, but didn't get, such as corn. We didn't plant any this year because we are still working on our raised beds. Hubby put in another one this evening. The farm where I purchased tomatoes doesn't have any either. Guess is wasn't a good year for corn around here.
      I can't forget to mention that I scored lately at the thrift store, purchasing a Zojirushi bread machine for $9.88! I was so excited because I had looked for one a couple months ago, but they didn't have one, so I got a bread machine from my sister. Now I can give hers back. Another thing I scored on was sheets. I have gotten interested in sewing again, even signed up for a class. Simplicity has their patterns on sale this week for 99*, so I scored at Hobby Lobby, too! I got two for the kiddos and two for me. The sheets are for making pillowcase dresses that I've never made, but I think I can!
      We're also getting ready for school to start Monday, so school supplies had to be purchased, as well. I finally got the disk from my Dad that has the birthday pics of Layla's first birthday. Have a great weekend! Oh, I'm going to sell my tanning bed, if anyone is interested. Leave me a comment on my blog or call if you have my #.

Yasmine and Uncle Ran watching the chickens.

She's so skinny!

She's shy.
Layla's first birthday cake.

Layla, Yasmine's sister.

Three good men.

Sweet family.

Eden and Canisha. Eden is Yasmine's best friend.

Layla loves her Nanny!

Winterlynn and MeMe.

Layla's personal cake.

Mommy and Layla.

Layla's dad Betiff and Yasmine.

She got all in that cake.

What a sweet face!

Layla and aunt FeFe.
Yasmine and Eden playing on the slide.

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  1. Yep, tomatoes are a lot of work. I will be working on mine this afternoon!


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