Friday, August 5, 2011

I LOVE!!! to CAN!!!

      I never thought I'd say that, but it's true! I finally got the courage to use my new pressure canner I got for Christmas and I have used it almost everyday for a week! It is such a blessing and it works so good! I finally took a break from it yesterday but I'm back at it today. This time I'm using a water bath. Today I cut up peaches from Norris Farm to use in a cobbler I'll make later. I am going to finish up with the tomatoes I got from the same farm, using them in a tomato relish. I will probably be as busy the rest of the summer canning and making jelly, and if I can get clear jel, pie fillings. If you don't hear from me often, just know that I'm thinking about you, but I'm really so busy. That almost sounds rude, but you have to get the fruit and produce when it's ready, or it will rotten! My sister has a muscadine vine that I can hardly wait to get my hands on when they get ripe! She also has a big pear tree, and a friend told me I can get some of her pears. It will be interesting to see what I do with all those pears! I would love to find someone who has apples to share, too. Well, got to get back to what I love to do! Have a blessed weekend!

Layla reaching for Aunt FeFe.

Loving that watermelon.

If I could only capture the magnificent aroma of this antique rose!


Sil being escorted by sons at 25 wedding anniversary celebration.

Hubby performing the ceremony at Convention Hall.

Is that a smile?

Happy family!

Happy couple!

They had this at the celebration. Jasmine loves it!

Likes to be in there by herself.

I kept them for a few days while their Mom was at the beach.

Layla like watermelon too!

Loving their bath.

Skylar loves the babies!

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