Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Muscadine Jelly!

      Yay! I finally got some muscadines and made jelly! I made nineteen jars and man, is it good. I have more muscadines and am waiting for them to cool so I can strain them and refrigerate the juice. You're not a Southern girl if you don't like muscadines and scuppernongs. I don't think my Mom has enough scuppernongs to do anything with, but I will keep a check on them.

Delicious nectar!
      I've also been putting up okra. There again, you're not a Southern girl if you don't like okra!

      Please keep Yasmine and her Dad (Bobba) in your prayers until Sept. 30 because they are in Morocco until then. I miss her terribly!

Yasmine is being held by her Bobba (Dad). Layla's first birthday!


  1. We love muscadine and scuppernon jelly too! I made a bunch of muscadine, but our scuppernongs did not do well this year. It is sooo good.

  2. Hi Bama Girl!
    Just wanted you to know I've tried to comment before and blogger has told me I don't have 'permission' to leave comments on your am trying a different way this morning.

    You've really been busy....still can't believe you've canned 56 jars of jelly now! That's terrific! What are your plans for your jelly? We're going to be gifting our extras for Christmas presents. Hope you have a good day.
    Lisa @Shady Grove Journal


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