Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I should be vacuuming, but

      I thought I'd take a little time and share with you. I have gotten interested in sewing again lately, so I've been browsing websites dedicated to this. I signed up for a pattern drawing and they chose my entry! I am so excited! It's the little diva pants I wanted! I can hardly wait to get started on them! Around tuit and pink poodle bows are the ones who sponsored the drawing. I love their websites, and pink poodle bows is the one who has the patterns. Check them out if you like to sew or know someone who can sew for you. I hope to get started sewing later this week.
      I am trying out my "new" bread machine today. It seems to be working so far. I scored at thrift stores again yesterday, purchasing some cute patterns for 29*! I also got some cute material and some more sheets. Along with the pattern I won, they sent me a tutorial on how to make flowers out of material, like for hairbows and embellishments. I bought some lady's blouses, paying a small amount for them, that can be used for the flowers.
      I am going to my first sewing class tonight at Material Girls on Broad Street. I'm really looking forward to that because we are going to learn more about hemming and making button holes and covering buttons. I hope they can show me more about my sewing machine, but I guess the more I use it, I'll become more familiar with its features. Well, you know what I've got to do next. Oh yea, I'll probably be making muscadine jelly and pear preserves this week or if they're not ready, next week. That will take up at least a day for muscadines and a day for preserves. Enjoy these photos.

Check out the shoes!

Winterlynn and Mommy.

At Aunt FeFe's house.

Mortar and pestle used to crush fennel seeds for meatballs.

Meatballs cooked in pressure cooker.

She likes to wear her hat when she eats.

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