Monday, October 17, 2011

Warm Days, Cool Nights!

      That's the way the weather has been this past week. The leaves are changing and the angle of the sun is definitely different than in summer! But it is still hot! I love the crisp, cool mornings and cooler evenings after sundown, though. We took in some beautiful sights over the weekend, going to yard sales Saturday, then to Mentone, Sunday. It was our son's sixteenth birthday so he drove us around Sunday. Here are some photos of our excursions:

Mickey in rice at Kobe, Skylar's favorite restaurant.

H.L., Skylar, Randy, and me.

Fire Fun.

You can really tell this is only primer on the door. My wreath left over from last year that I made with 50% off items! I added some glittery sticks from the Dollar Tree this  year.

Friday's yard sale finds, wooden plaques, hoops, spool stand, vase and baby jeans.

Winterlynn really loved the apples we got from Ellijay! She kept on getting them out and biting them.

My two-dollar yard sale purse. I love it!

Hubby loves to play with the children, and they love him! Her first ride in a wheel barrow.

Look at those bare feet! They're taking the corn over to the chickens.

Winterlynn loves to look at her reflection in the window as she rides her pony.


I finally got a face view since it was his birthday.

Hubby is working on the flower bed out front and is now building an arbor. I can't wait to see it finished!

Skyline views from Mentone, AL.

An old inn in Mentone. Festival in front.

We drove to Canyon's after Mentone. Of course we rode in the Jeep!

Saturdays yard sales were all about crafts. The hoop was glued so it splintered when I tried to remove the material. I will check next time.

      Hope you enjoyed your visit! Come back soon! Leave a comment if you wish.


  1. What fun pictures you post! Thanks for taking the time to comment on my 'Eye' Halloween Goodies at
    I always love comments, don't you?! Thanks again.

  2. have a beautiful family and looks like you had some success with the yardsales..I love yardsales, thriftshops, antique stores, etc..any place where you can get a great deal.


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