Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What a beautiful day!

Hubby's landscaping project and arbor.

He's not finished with the arbor yet.

Fall flag.

Nice view as well.
      If you live in the South, most likely you can see the sun shining and feel the warmth of it while sitting at your computer! At least I can! I love having all these windows that lets in the beauty of outside. I'm about to go out for my daily walk, but I wanted to blog for a moment. I haven't got to do so this week due to some glitch in the computer. I tried to download some photos I just took of this beautiful day, but am having trouble with that.(Just got it done) I do have some other photos to share, however. I didn't take pics of my thrifty finds this past weekend but I found several pieces of fabric for $1.50 ea. a thimble for a dollar, an electric skillet for $3, and some knives for a quarter each. I may have missed something, but I'll let you know later. I hope there are yard or estate sales this weekend! Have a great day and leave a comment if you'd like.

My first applique! It's a Y.

Here's the whole outfit. The shirt came from wm.

Lil Diva pants made with pattern I won from Lil Pink Pockets. These are for Win.

Skylar getting home from school on his first day of driving.

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