Monday, October 3, 2011

Happy Fall Ya'll!

Sausage dip  to eat while watching the Bama game.

Eggs for the day.

Beautiful butterfly on the butterfly bush.

Six jars of jalepeno jelly.

Scores from Friday's yard sales.

Scores from the previous weekend sales. These frames will be used to make hairbow holders.

Nice big pepper from our garden.

Scores from Saturdays yard sales. Big bag of pink, white, and brown tulle for three dollars.

Shoes to fit the girls; four dollars for five pairs! They look new still!
      I'm all excited about fall! We finally have had a few days and nights of much cooler weather! I did have to put on shorts and shorts sleeves today after lunch, though, and probably every day this week, it will gradually get warmer. But at least now the days of less humidity are upon us! I'm also excited about Betif and Yasmine's safe return from Morocco. I can hardly wait to see her smiling face again! Maybe they'll be here tomorrow for April's 
      I had a great time Saturday with my hubby as we spent the whole day yard sale-ing. We left out before eight and got back about four-thirty that afternoon. There were eighty yard-sales listed in the paper! Needless to say, we didn't make it to all of them , but we got some pretty neat stuff. I've also been into my fall crafts, painting pumpkins and making a fall banner. Here are some pics. Have a great day! Leave me a comment, if you wish.

I painted these pumpkins.

Happy fall ya'll banner.

I painted the white pumpkin.

Other white pumpkin I painted.

The banner doesn't show up as well in the daylight.


  1. Your sausage dip looks yummy! RTR :) I love your banner, so cute! You are lucky, my husband tries every way in the world to get out of going to yard sales with me and usually sits in the car!

  2. I love all your decor! What a fun little banner & super cute pumpkins! I love fall as well!

  3. I'm so jealous of your day of yard sale-ing. What good finds. And your dip looks delicious.


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