Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I finally got to see Yasmine!

      She and her dad went to Morocco a couple months ago and got back about two or three weeks ago. She, her Mom, and little sister finally came for a visit. She has gotten taller, but her English hasn't improved much. I guess its hard for a two-year-old to learn two languages at once. We all had a great time together playing and crafting! I have photos, of course!

Yasmine with she and Layla's pumpkins.

Yasmine and her Mom. The canopy in the background  got torn up the rest of the way during the winds we had last night and today.

Yasmine and Layla, just swinging!

I'm looking at the camera this time!

Uncle Ran and Layla.

Jack looking for a ripe tomato. He actually eats them!

Sooo little, but she thinks she's a big girl!

Uncle Ran takes her for a ride on the tricycle until her legs get longer.

The leaves have really changed this week!

She finally looked at the camera!
      It's hard to believe it's the middle of the week and the weekend is almost here again! I love keeping my days busy with family and doing things that I love. Yesterday was a full day of doing things we were not happy with, but will bring happiness in the long run. I took Skylar to the driving range to get his driver's license (Yikes a driving teenager!!!) but he failed the vision test and did not get to take the drivers test. We had to go to the eye doctor and sure enough, he needs glasses! It will be a week before the glasses come in and he can finally take the test. Bummer! But that gives me a little more time to get shoufered  around. I know that's not how you spell that word but spell-check wouldn't work! I will be checking out the craft show-and-tell blogs today and see what all you've been doing. Happy crafting!

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