Sunday, November 27, 2011

Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat.....

      But I could never do that to Loosey and Goosey! They are our pets! And the egg that I thought was a goose egg turned out to be a double-yolked duck egg. Who knew? I found out the day I made the dressing cause I used duck eggs in it. It was amazing for me to see this since I never thought of duck eggs as being double-yolked. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving and the food turned out really good in spite of the fact of the way I felt. God was so good to help me through this! I had Yasmine and Layla Friday and Saturday because their Mommy wasn't feeling well. They did great and we all had a good time.
      I still am not myself because I don't feel like walking or working out with weights yet. I walk every day and use weights about three times a week. My body is actually sore from not exercising! I can't wait to go outside and walk again, but the weather is messy here so I'll just have to use the treadmill.(I don't like using that thing!) but I will if there's no other way!
      When I finish with this post, I am going to take down the fall decorations and begin putting up Christmas decorations. I'll take pics as soon as I get some new lithium batteries. Enjoy these from Thanksgiving. Be warned: there are lots of photos here.

The geese.
Winterlynne and Yasmine.

She was being shy when she first got here.

Layla loves to put things in her mouth.

The unfinished dining room.

Can't tell much here, but this was a nice spread!

Future muscician?

They love to play all over Uncle Randy.

Win loves to be read to.

Layla would rather play with my house shoes.

She's so tiny, she uses this as a chair.

Win loves to read too.

And try to put on her shoes.

All eyes on uncle Randy!

They enjoyed playing with this dry-rotting hummer. I know, I'm going to get to the porch soon.

Layla and pretty dog playing ring around the rosies.

Yasmine pushing Layla. 

Before I spray painted it white.

Sliding down the swimming pool slide.

She was pretending the hose was a horn.


  1. Hi 'Bama Girl',
    Thanks for visiting the Shabby Art Boutique during Simply Christmas and leaving a comment.

    Looks like you had a fun Thanksgiving with the little ones.
    Creative hugs ~ Kerryanne

  2. Hi there! Thanks for the follow - following back :)

    Looks like a fun family Thanksgiving!


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