Monday, November 14, 2011

Have you seen this word before:

      Nepotician? If not, then I just coined a new word! Do you know what it means? Nepotism and politician: I guess they're kind of the same, aren't they. I don't know why that was on my mind today, I guess I was just reminiscing about my old job that I don't have any more. O.k, enough of that and onto the reason for this post. I had a great three days last week yard-saling! I was so blessed to actually find what I was looking for! Wreaths! and Christmas decorations, curtains that I'm turning into a Thanksgiving tablecloth, pillow shams, a nice purse, I can't even remember what all, I just know it was all good. Looking forward to this weekends thrifty finds! Hear are some photos:

Can you believe this purse was only a dollar?

Check out the big goose egg, the first and only one we've gotten.

This box and the one in the next photo only cost me ten dollars!

Christmas wreaths and garland, a few ornaments and wall hanging.

I found this rag wreath in a box in the attic left over from the early nineties. I just changed the ribbon and it fits right in with me upstairs room. I'm wrapping yarn around a styrofoam wreath to make a wreath to give to Win. I'm going to make Yas one,too.

This is the upstairs room. I got the red felt for four dollars. There was a lot of it! I made the cone tree and wrapped the felt around it. I'm going to make another one and put them on the piano.

Saturday's finds. There is a lot of stuff in the box for thirteen-fifty!

Thought I'd throw in some pics of how things look outside now.

These leaves are still pretty.

These are the panels I'm going to make my tablecloth with. I just love the pattern!

This is the same box as before, just pulled some things out.

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