Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Loving those yard sales!

      I have really gotten into going to yard sales and I'm loving it! This past weekend, there were at least sixty in our area! I couldn't by any means get to all of them, but I did make it to quite a few.  I found purses for anywhere from fifty cents- two dollars! I got a silver tray for fifty cents, material for fifty cents, I can't even name what all I got, there was so much of it! Then today I went to a couple of thrift stores and was disappointed because of the prices! They are much higher than yard sales. I did however, find a pattern, some material, and a jelly jar, all for the total of two dollars! I guess that wasn't so bad. I actually was surprised that there were even any yard sales this past weekend because the mornings are so cool and dark. I can't wait to see if there are any this weekend!
      We went to Homestead Hollow Sunday but I left my camera card in the computer since I wanted to download pics for the blog. Talk about disappointed! We took the girls and their moms and we all had a blast! The girls were so cute riding the ponies and feeding the animals. I do have other pics, however, so hope you enjoy them. Hope to hear from you soon! I plan on blogging again soon, hopefully not as long between posts this time.

                                 Delicious meatloaf!
Fairy god mother. 

Delicious apple pies cooked in an iron skillet, not deep fried.

Win is playing with a necklace.

Looks like she's looking for eggs in her halloween clothes.

No eggs here!

Arbor hubby is building.

The only one of these she's co-operating.

Amber, Eden, uncle Ran, Yasmine.

Canisha and Layla.

We were at Red Lobster on halloween, for Amber's birthday.

The wicked witch of the west.

She's looking so grown now!

Me and Layla.

My Mom and Dad with Layla.

Uncle Ran and Allie in her cute owl costume. Yes that's plywood on the unfinished stairwell

Tang pitcher, Penguin ice bucket, and three ice cream glasses. Three- fifty.

Various items at various cheap prices.

Yes that's another bread machine, but it looked almost new for three dollars!

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  1. Awww what a little cutie pie you have... the baby of course. The pies look delicious. I cook in a cast iron skillet also. Supposedly it puts iron back into food. Not sure how true that is though.

    Yard sales are great in the right areas. Keep looking for thrift stores. You'll find some real ones eventually. We have two real thrift stores up here in Anchorage. The rest are for profit companies that are geared to helping communities supposedly. Not my idea of a bargain but I still shop them on occasion. My experience is that many ask way to high of prices for items that have been donated. With all the storage wars programs I guess we can expect prices to keep going up.




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