Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thanksgiving, one week from today

      Can you believe that it's turkey time? I'm so excited! I love the holidays, family and food. I love making the dressing while hubby is smoking the turkey. Maybe the turkey will get done in time, this year. I've been busy crafting, priming the door, sewing, and such this week. There aren't many yard sales this weekend and I'm not sure I will go to them. I've got a lot to do to get ready for next week. I want the door finished, for one thing, and "stuff" put up. Do you have 'stuff" laying around in your house? How does that happen so quickly? The island in the kitchen is now empty of all the "stuff" since hubby is grouting and finishing it, just in time for Thanksgiving. Yay!
      I'm really enjoying listening to Pandora Radio, Michael Buble radio. It's not Christmas music, but just as soothing. Try it, you might like it! Here are some photos:
The door you've seen before, with another coat of primer. That's where I sit, in the background, soon to be moved upstairs again.

The decoupaged letters says thanks, looks better here  than in real life.

Letters hanging on a swag.

Win's outfit done. I had to add a ruffle to the pants since they were too short.

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  1. The decoupage letters are super cute as are those little pants. I've always got "messes" in the form of projects going on. It's a good thing to have people over; serves as motivation to get them finished. lol.



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