Monday, March 5, 2012

Another challenge for me!

      I want you all to keep me accountable this month for something I started a month or so ago. I want to paint the trim in our master bath. I decided the paint I had chosen is way too white, so I'll be starting over with another color. I think I have enough paint without having to purchase more. I hope to get this accomplished before April arrives, but you have to encourage me! 

     I'm sorry that I didn't write last week. I was not myself due to all the hormone changes taking place in my body. I just wished menopause would get here so I could be done with that. At least the headache didn't last more than a day! For that I am very grateful!

      We've been having Spring and I have a few photos to share. I also was in my kitchen quite a bit, so I'll share those photos, as well. Some of the seeds that I started have already sprouted and are growing, quite nicely! 

      This past weekend, I helped hubby get the new chicken fence up so that the chickens could finally get out of the garden. Just in time for me to add some more plants and seeds to the raised beds. I planted onion sets, potatoes, lots of lettuces and beets seeds. Today, I hope to get more seeds in the ground, as well as the rest of the onion sets. I also hope to get some large lima beans canned. It's going to be a very busy day, just the way I like it! Thanks for visiting my blog! Come back soon! Blessings from Bama!

Meet Rowdy, the neighbors' new mule!

The Keria looks like dainty roses.

The garden and the nectarine tree. Those ducks and geese love nectarines!  Rowdy is in the barn in the background.

My tulip tree, or Japanese  Magnolia, whichever you prefer.

The peach and plum tree in bloom.

Hubby just put up the bluebird house and it is already being occupied! This is the new place for our feathered friends to hang out.

I finally made a ketchup that we all like!

Tomato plants Roma, and a tomato with a tiny orange fruit.

Not all of the tomatoes have come up, nor have any of the peppers or eggplants.

Here's my challenge! The reason it's a challenge for me is because I'm afraid of heights! Even the small ladder I use to get to this makes me nervous! It's higher than it looks here.

Hubby has been working on the inside of the shower, and I can't let him outdo me! (kidding) His work has inspired me to get this done!

I'll keep you posted on the progress.


  1. Hey Bama Girl!
    We had to put up a new chicken fence for a new chicken yard last year to get our chickens (finally!) out of our garden. Recently, our chickens learned how to fly over the fence, so Tom added more fencing to make it higher so hopefully that will work! Your photos of Spring in Alabama are lovely. Daffodils are my favorite! Your bathroom is very pretty and from your photos here, the paint looks great as it is. Love the wall paint you chose. Good luck and as hard-working as you are, am sure you will complete your challenge!

  2. Love your pictures. You sure have been busy. I nominated you for a Liebster Award on my blog. Blessings from Wisconsin.

  3. I just read your post and had to comment. Yeah...someone else that is wanting menopause to hurry up and get here so it can be over and done with, lol. I say that to my husband all the time. I get the bad headaches too.

    Good luck on that trim. I looks high to me too (and so much of it!) Me and ladders don't get along.


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