Friday, March 9, 2012

Have you canned anything lately!

      I love to can and this week has been such a good time to do it. No, I haven't forgotten about my challenge, I was just in the mood to can! I wished that I had checked before canning more pinto beans, though. I already had twenty jars, before I canned the last ten! I actually canned more than that, but I used them that night in our meat. They were delicious! I canned twelve jars of black beans, but put two in the freezer since the canner will only hold twenty jars at a time.

      I also got to work in the garden yesterday and the weather was very warm, almost 80! I cleaned out more beds and covered the garlic I sat out the day before. I didn't have time before to put the dirt back into the hole before it got dark. I'm so happy that the chickens are finally out of the garden so I don't have to put fencing around the raised beds. That makes it hard to reach down and do things. But now, no more fencing! So much better and easier to get to! The chickens are happy, too, since they have a whole new area to dig and scratch around in!

      Today, the weather is much cooler with strong winds at times. I prefer not to be outside when the weather is like that, thus I had time to be here. I think I'll make a homemade pizza for dinner tonight, since the leftover taco meat is gone. I made a delicious lentil pie that I've been eating for lunch all week. I still haven't gotten tired of it, it's so good! So hard to believe the weekend is already here, so ya'll have a good one! Blessings from Bama!

The canning process.

 Canned large limas.
Views of stacked jars.

Another view.

Ten jars of black beans and ten jars of pinto beans.
My plate of Lentil pie.
The delicious lentil pie!


  1. I see peeks of your kitchen backsplash in those pictures. I love it! My mom wanted to do that with hers but couldn't find the right tiles. Yours is gorgeous! I'll have to show her.

    Yeah...canning. Just brings back nightmares to me of the days that my mom and grandma MADE me and my cousins prepare everything to go in the jars. I hated it then and still do, lol. I really hated putting up corn, yuk!

  2. So excited to see you canning pintos and black beans, but, I do have some questions:
    1) do you pre-cook the beans prior to canning or put them in dry.
    2) do you pre-soak before canning
    3) what pressure and how much time?
    4) Add salt and water only?

    I so hope you can answer these questions as I am very interested in canning all legumes! I never have canned these and it has been many decades since I canned veggies! But, Have excited to re-visit...with help! Thanks so much! :)

    BTW, don't quite know how to comment here without being anonymous. Is there an RSS feed that will notify me of new posts & comments? Yikes! My age is sooo showing! :) Thanks! I am really liking what I've seen of your post so far...just found it tonight! Cheeryshirley

  3. Hi Shirley! Thanks stopping by and leaving a comment! I would like to visit your blog or email you, in case you don't see this. Go to grow your own . org for the step by step on how to can dry beans. That's what I did. Also, you can follow this blog through linky followers or by clicking on the follow button at the top of this blog, located on the left side. You showed up this time as Cheeryshirley. Blessings from Bama!

  4. Hi Bama Girl,
    Thank you for your response! My husband, a retired computer networking specialist, is uncomfortable with us using any kind of social media (google friends connect). I do not have a blog, but, I do have an e-mail which I will gladly share, but, cannot find your e-mail to send it to you! Had trouble finding the link to can legumes. Could you link it? I am so impressed with your canning...even more so with your LOVE of canning! You make it sound less like drudgery and more like FUN! Am enjoying this blog! I'm off to check out your older posts! Thank you! :) Cheeryshirley


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