Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Wisteria and Roses are blooming!

      Seriously? Yes! I knew the Lady Banks rose bloomed early, just didn't know it would be mid March! And wisteria? Usually the first of April. But they are blooming at the same time! Did you know those are my two favorite blooms? Thus, the name of my blog. I was so excited yesterday when I saw them, so I had to share them with you today. I also just discovered the purple verbena blooming, as well. It looks like it's going to be a long, hot summer! I hope we have lots of rain, though, no more droughts! I really am enjoying this warm and mild weather.

      Someone asked about the cardboard I'm putting in the garden. I have raised beds, so the cardboard will hopefully prevent the grass from growing around them, and the flowers I have planted there. I'm not talking about weeds, it's grass! It takes over everything! The garden, flower beds, you name it! I may pull  up some of the cardboard where there is a large enough space, however, and plant more tomatoes and squash.  There's just so much to do this time of year, but like I said before, I love it! I love staying active and busy, because to me, time is a precious thing to waste! Have a nice day! I intended to post this before 2:00 my time today, but the internet decided to go off until awhile ago! Sorry! Better late than never! Blessings from Bama!

I just can't help showing this Keria again! It is right next to my herbs.

I love all the yellow flowers blooming this time of year!

A spirea still in the pot. Beautiful!

More yellow from the forsythia.

New Lady Banks rose! We sat it out this past fall.

Purple iris.


Blueberry bush. Looks like its going to make it.

I think this one will make it, too!

Blackberry vines, irises, and other random flowers.

Can you see it? Wisteria!

Wild plum tree in bloom.

Purple verbena. Landscape fabric needs mulch on it.

New chicken yard and neighbors horses. View from my front side porch.


  1. Yes, things are blooming quite early. Thanks for the pretty pics. Happy gardening.

  2. Lady Banks is one of my favorite roses. I have my grandmother's LB in my yard. (I get real sentimental with my plants, lol). I have some small ground cover that looks like miniature purple wisteria. I don't know what it is called and forgot where I bought it. I'm going to take a picture of it when it blooms (should be soon) so you can help me figure it out. I started with one small piece of it 12 years ago and now it's everywhere!

  3. I've read that long ago, gardeners would plant wisteria and LB together for a spectacular showing. I always wondered what that would look like together. Good luck with getting rid of the grass - I have that same problem - actually I think everyone with Bermuda grass has that problem! :)

  4. CheeryShirley, I made a mistake! It's Sorry! You can click on my profile photo above for my email. Thanks for visiting. Blessings from Bama!

  5. Hi Bama Girl!
    I cannot believe how much is blooming your way! Your photos are so pretty. Only a few of our irises have buds, none are blooming.... same with my verbena. Love, love, love Wisteria!!! Love smelling the air when they are in full-bloom and seeing the purple haze of the wild growing ones in the trees. You are fortunate to have some at your pretty place.
    btw... I left a (looooong) reply to your comment on the muscadines and toxicity to dogs post. Wasn't that interesting as I'd no idea either.... but that's one of the things I love about blogging, is how we share with one another.
    Have a good day!!!

  6. So wonderful to see that spring is on its way. We had some daffodils bloom over the weekend. I wish I knew more about flowers and landscaping because they add so much to the look of a home.


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