Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I saw a snake in the shed!

      But I didn't have my camera and by the time I got back to it, it disappeared! It was a chicken snake according to the hubs, which doesn't make me very happy! I don't want it to find the chickens or the eggs! But over by the chickens, we discovered a snake skin. Or should I say Jack did. He went crazy barking so I had to check it out. So glad it was just a skin. I think it was a rat snake. One day I'll learn my snakes. I do know what a rattlesnake looks and sounds like, though.

      I haven't seen any hummingbirds yet but I know they're around. I hung up the feeder yesterday so I know they'll find it soon. Have you seen any snakes or humming birds lately? What about a black panther?

      There's rumor going on around these parts that black panthers have been loosed to help control coyotes and such. They've actually been seen just over the mountain from here and also about two miles down the road from here. The dogs were going crazy about something in the woods, so I went down the hill with my boots on and rake in hand,(that way if I ran into a snake I'd be ready) I looked up at the tree and decided that it was a house cat. But I wanted to be sure, so when hubby and son got home, they went down to inspect and sure enough, it was just a black house cat and not a black panther. Whew!!! What a relief!

      I've been reading a lot about herbs lately. Do you grow and use your own herbs? There is such a wealth of information on the net about herbs. I'm reading The Welcoming House blogspot, and she is posting this week about herbs and what they're good for. A very interesting blog. If I can figure out how to link it here, that would be great. Give her a visit if you're interested. Upon searching for herb seeds to purchase, I found Sand Mountain Herbs . com. Hopefully, one day I'll be able to link this as well. The herb place is local to me so I'll be getting my herb seeds, as well as some ebooks, from this store. Hope you all have a wonderful week and stay away from those snakes and panthers! Blessings from Bama!
Hubs did the hive without assistance.

Changing out some of the old frames with new ones.
Iris about to bloom.

This is sweet scrub. Do you have it on your property? There's no other fragrance quite like. It smells almost like over ripe fruit, in a good way!

The chickens taking cover from the heat under the huge rose bush.

The iris reminds me that my sins have been washed whiter than snow!

Frozen chicken breasts placed into crockpot, then cooked until done. I used Mexican spices and it was delicious!

It really does look like a house cat!

Or does it?

More iris in bloom.

I love the shades of purple on this iris.

More white iris on the same stalk, from the previous photo.

Sage blooming.

Can you see the small piece of snake skin?

He's trying to eat it!

A longer piece of the snake skin.


  1. Oh my goodness! I haven't seen any snakes yet and hope I don't! Haven't seen coyotes or panthers yet either and hope I don't! I love animals but more the tame variety. No hummingbirds yet but hoping to. lol Your Iris are just beautiful! Mine have not started to bloom yet. Nancy

  2. Panthers! Good grief, be careful. Love the iris.

  3. Your irises are so pretty. I have the biggest fear of matter what kind they are. Your picture of the snakeskin even freaked me out, ha. I need to weed out the flower bed in my front yard so bad but I'm scared I'll see a snake. No hummingbirds here yet but my feeder is ready for them.


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