Friday, May 18, 2012

Adding on to the garden.

      The hubs finally had a chance to til another area so we can plant corn and purple-hull peas. We ran out of room inside the fenced garden, so he tilled up an area below the chicken yard. The dirt is somewhat 'chirty' so I don't know how it will grow. I added some manure this morning and hope to plant the seeds when the sun goes behind the trees. We are in summer now and experiencing temps in the eighties everyday. There is no rain in the forecast until Wednesday of next week! That's a long time to go without rain for a garden! (Of course, the weather could change, since showers are common this time of year.) That could explain why some of the plants are looking pale. I had to come in out of the heat (humidity!) so I hope to water this evening. I would like to have another area or two so we could plant melons in one patch, and pumpkins in another. Maybe next year!

      It's hard to believe that school is almost out for the summer! Just when I get used to one season, another one begins! Oh well, life would be very boring without change! How do ya'll like my new header? It took me awhile using Picasa, but I finally got it! 

      I just had to run outside and make an after photo and it was sprinkling rain! Maybe we'll get one of those showers today! Also, our friend's wife just gave birth to their second baby girl, 6 pounds, 15 and a half ounces! Welcome baby Cassie! Have a great weekend! Blessings from Bama!

A new recipe: Chicken Dip. It tastes delicious!

Small, wild plums I foraged from a neighbor who lives down the road.

I love sunflowers!

This day lily is actually a little pinker that the one after this photo.

Oh yes, it shows up in the photo.

That is a different type of sunflower next to this one. They will both be lovely when in bloom at the same time!

Pretty as a picture!

I decided to do a before photo. How embarrassing that I have something looking like this in my garden! Doesn't take long to get like that though!

I got to visit with Yasmine a couple of days this week.

She loves to swing!

Just look at the cute baby, not the porch!

These sisters love to run and play at aunt FeFe's!

Layla with her baby.

There is a bird nest in the top of this stroller! She's saying: "Eeewww!"

A Cardinal in a nest in the butterfly bush!

I don't know what kind of bird built this nest.

The tree  is slowly getting cleaned up. Got a nice pile of firewood cut for the winter, if we have one this year! The new tilled area is just below that fence, under the tree.

The pile of manure I'm working with.

Close up.

I lost count how many times I took these buckets to the new garden.

The newly tilled area.

I'm skipping some spots that had ants or were too rocky.

Look at all of these blackberries! They'll be turning soon!

I have a lot of picking to do.

A lot of 'trash' to reach through to get to the berries!

I'm standing next to the berries looking back at the newly tilled area. I walked the buckets from that little shed, which is the hen house, all the way down here.

I just love the color of these day lilies!

Isn't she lovely?

A few small irises blooming.

The after shot that I almost forgot. Looks so much better now!

I couldn't resist taking another shot of the bees! I need to pull that weed!



  1. Oh, I soooo wish I could taste some of those wild plums. Yummy!

    Whew! You have been busy with the garden. My big boys and I just got through weeding and it is hot out there!

  2. Hi! Your header is striking! Looks very nice. You sure have a lot to keep up to! It has been in the 80's here too and I don't last in the heat! Yes, your lavender?/pink? colored daylily is so pretty! What an unusual color! Nancy

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  4. Love your new header! And you centered it nicely over your blog. Isn't it fun to figure out something 'new'?! Your hardwork is so apparent. The 'after' shot of your garden looked great.... your new garden bed too. My daylilies similar to yours, are just now beginning to bloom. I think they are so pretty.

  5. Wow, loving the pictures! Looks like things are really shaping up nicely around there. Thanks for sharing!


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