Monday, May 14, 2012

Gardening in the breeze...

      Is so nice! We have had some rain here these past few days and along with that is a nice breeze! Clouds and a breeze, what could be nicer in the humid, warm South? As I was meandering around the garden with camera in hand, I discovered some surprises. At least I was surprised to see some of the seeds that I thought weren't going to come up, come up! I was so excited and glad I had the camera! I have many photos in this post, so I'm giving you a warning now! The breeze felt nice as I was walking today, as well. I try to get a walk in almost everyday. I'm so glad I haven't come across a Copperhead or Timber Rattler yet! Hopefully, I won't since they will bite and are poisonous! The dogs walk with me so maybe they help keep them scared away. Plus, there are many other dogs who bark at us as we go by. Some neighbors have Alpacas, and lately when I walk, they've been close to the road. They are an unusual looking animal; I guess being shaved contributes to that.

       We were gone all day yesterday and didn't get home until dark! We enjoyed ourselves though! It rained some but not constantly, so we were able to go outside for awhile at times. The guys cooked on the grill and us gals, worked in the kitchen. It was nice to spend time with family. I hope you all had a pleasant Mother's Day! Hope to talk to ya'll again later this week! Blessings from Bama!

Ms. Maddie with chocolate all over her face, clothes, and shoes! Playing in the chicken run!
I love capturing the bees in flight!

The area after the tractor smoothed it. Going to have to add fill dirt next.

Pulling her on the merry-go-round.

He has as much fun as she does!

Like my tan line?

Do these look like apples or pears? I thought they were apples but was informed that they are pears.

A tiered garden with a picturesque view! The pear tree is in the back ground.

Close up of a stallion? These are the views my sister has.

Skylar playing pool on our old pool table.

With my niece April.

His favorite thing to do at cookouts!

My Mom and Dad.

Winterlynn just got up from her nap but she sure can ride that thing!

And this thing!

Can you guess what's in the jar? Well I'll tell you: scrambled eggs, peppers, onions, grape tomatoes, and mushrooms that have been sauteed, and cheese. I put some of this on a tortilla that was spread with dijon mustard and it tasted gourmet! All was purchased at Aldi's at very low prices! (Except the eggs)

Our first blooms this year of the Butterfly Bush. A cardinal has built her nest in here where you can't even see it!

A darker version of a butterfly bloom.

I love the ruffles, the color, and the tinge of pink.

I like this red one too!

A little fuzzy but you can see the ruffles and the darker inside.

Strikingly beautiful!

A bloom on the Early Girl I bought for fifty cents!

I need to make friends with the lady down the road. She is an herbalist. I need to identify this before the weedeater gets it! It might be beneficial!

My Early Girl grown from seed is dwarfed by the surrounding tomatoes! The plant to the right is a volunteer from the chickens. The plant in the back is a Celebrity that I purchased.

My basil grown from seed.

Basil plant I purchased.

Celebrity with blooms! Won't be long before we get tomatoes!

Finally a pumpkin sprout! I think it's a Big Max.

I hope this tomato plant makes it, it has the sweetest, small orange tomatoes I've ever tasted! The chickens love them!

Yay! The beans came up!

Another row of beans.

Finally, a cucumber plant came up!

More cucumber sprouts.

Still more cucumbers!

Fuzzy black raspberries.

A mystery plant that has a small veggie on it. I think it's a gourd leftover from a couple years ago. They are hard to kill! It could be a squash, though.

The viburnum used to have white flowers, now they are red!


  1. Hi Bama Girl, Lots of pictures are nice. I haven't even gotten my beans or cukes planted yet! That Celebrity tomato plant is huge! You have a lot to take care of! Looks like you have a lot of nice family fun! Continue to enjoy the excitement of gardening! Nancy at Cozy Thyme Cottage

    1. Hi Nancy! You have to go by your zone for planting. And this year's mild weather encourages early gardening. Your garden looks very nice, as well! I will, and you too!

  2. Hey Bama Girl! Loved all your photos! Your garden is coming along great. Could your mystery plant possibly be an over-wintered composted pumpkin? That's what I've got growing and it sort of looks similar leaf-wise and bloom-wise. I've got a few daylilies like yours, but your season is ahead of me as mine have buds but no blooms yet this year...and those bees... how exciting. One last thing, your parents look great and so happy! What a wonderful family time spent together ya'll had. Have a good day!

  3. Hi Lisa! It very well could be! Time will tell! I enjoy walking through the garden everyday and seeing what is about to bloom. The daylilies sure have surprised me coming out so early this year! So have the butterfly bush blooms! My parents are very lively and fun to be around!

  4. Your garden is coming along nicely. Your family is so sweet. Yes, you have a tan line girl. Thanks for sharing your lovely photos. XO Linda


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