Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A new baby, more flowers, and some dirt....

      Can you believe it's already Tuesday! Night? I let time get away from me too quickly! But I love staying busy! This is my son's last week of school and that too, is hard to believe! He had his first practice game this past Saturday. He was so handsome in his uniform. He didn't get to play, but I think he will during the season. He's going to be working with his dad some in between football workouts during June, then the rest of the summer will be two-a-days. (practice and workout in the same day) I'm not looking forward to the football season because it will get into my comfort zone, but yet I will enjoy supporting our son and his team.

      We spent a lot of time this past weekend at the hospital visiting the new baby Kassie and family. She is so pretty! Her big sister, who is two, loves to give her kisses. They went home on Monday and are trying to get into a new routine with the baby. Hopefully, she'll be a good night sleeper!

      We're getting closer to installing the above ground pool! We had dirt brought in today and another load will be brought in tomorrow. Then, we'll need the tractor brought back to level it all. Wow! Seems like every project we take on takes F..O..R..E..V..E..R.. to complete! I guess that's all part of being diy homesteaders!

      Oh, I harvested the mystery plant today! It looks sort of like a straight neck squash, but I could see faint lines in it. I think it might be a mixture of gourd and cucumber because that's what grew in that area at one time. I cut it up and sauteed it in butter with onion, but it didn't really have much flavor. I'm still baffled as to what it really is!

      It's also hard to believe that we are coming upon the end of the month with a holiday! I'm looking forward to this weekend since my brother is coming in from Mobile to interview for a job. We really want him to move back! Pray that he will have favor and that God's will be done in his life! Thank you so much for praying and thank you for reading this blog! Blessings from Bama!

Mommie and Kassie.

Beautiful baby Kassie!

Look at that tiny bow!

Daddy, big sister, and baby.

Checking on the bees.

Not much smoke is coming out of the smoker.

The bees are so gentle they don't seem to be bothered.

They have multiplied so quickly!

Guess who's number 64?

They are devouring a watermelon rind.

More sunflowers open everyday.

Roses, day lilies, and irises.

Such a beautiful rose!

We have several of these plants in bloom.

Me and hubs at Carrabba's.

Another butterfly bush in bloom.

Me and another friend's baby boy. I don't know whose arm that is!

The hubs and baby's daddy put this up last night.

Mystery plant veggie. Looks like a squash.

It seemed almost tough.

Sauteed in butter and onions. It tasted o.k. but not really like squash.

Fill dirt. Another one will be brought in tomorrow.


  1. Hi! Kassie is adorable and so is big sister! Beautiful flowers. Football makes me a little nervous too but they seem to love it! Nancy at Cozy Thyme Cottage

    1. Thanks Nancy! Yes, football makes me nervous too!

  2. Hi Bama Girl!
    Those Babies! They just make me melt! :) Great pictures of you and your dear family! I enjoyed that you mentioned the "gentleness" of the bees! I like em' too! You've always got so much of the important things of life going on! I love it!
    Glen & I have been gone...house hunting in Nampa, Idaho! I haven't been in here at all and just started on the computer after a loooong break! I've missed it! But, my visits will be rather sporadic as we're packing, listing our Coos Bay, Oregon house and working on the offer/counter offers, etc on the Nampa house! Whew!
    Anyway, I just popped in the say "Hi" and see what you were up to now! :) Cheeryshirley

    1. Hi Cheery Shirley! I've been missing you and now I know why! I hope your new home will be all you want it to be and more! And I pray that you get it at a good deal and that your house will sell quickly and that you will get a good price for it! I wish you would just move close to me so we could share our gardening and homesteading skills. You would love the South! The gardening season is quite long and where we live, it's not that far to the mountains or the beach! Oh well, I can wish!

    2. Oh Bama Girl!
      That was such a sweet comment you left for me! Thank you! I, too, wish we could be neighbors! It would be such fun to work together! :) Not too sure about those tornadoes, though! How do you sleep at night?
      Please feel free to e-mail me if you want to know what I am up to! I've missed you all in here, too! :) Your area sounds lovely, lush, and family-friendly! Thank you for all the prayers about selling/buying/moving! We sure do appreciate it! I think I would love the South and its people! It seems they are warm, loving, and hold the same values that I hold dear! You know, reading your blog always makes me remember my Grandma and how we visited, cooked, worked together...and, gossiped! Hugs, Cheeryshirley

  3. Hi Bama Girl ~ What a tender family post. Sweet baby and love the wall art! Handsome son and let me say, what a great young man to hold that sweet baby AND let you not only take a picture, but post it on your blog!!! You and your husband are raising a good son there. Funny about your mystery plant! It sure does look like a squash doesn't it? Loved all your photos too.... and I still wanna' come play in your pool!!! It's already HOT here.... when it's not storming. Have a good day!

    1. Thanks Lisa! You're more than welcome to come and play in the pool, whenever we get it up!

    2. And thank you for such a sweet compliment on our family! Skylar loves to hold that baby and that's the only time he'll 'smile' for me to take his picture! Wished we could get some rain! Hope the storms aren't too severe!

  4. Awwweee, what sweet babies! And "your baby" is getting to be a big boy like mine! :) Hope all goes well with his sports!

    Love the owl and tree wall art in the baby's nursery! That is too cute and precious! ...hope you have a great Holiday weekend!

  5. You look like you stay busy! Are your sunflowers just for pretty or do you do something with them? How long have you been keeping bees? We are thinking about getting into it...

    1. Hi Countrified! Thanks for paying me a visit! The sunflowers are for pretty, actually, I didn't plant them. They just came up from previously planted sunflowers. The chickens and birds love the seeds! We just got our bees this year and I would recommend getting them in the Spring so that they will have a better chance to prepare for Winter. Yes, busy as 'bees'!

  6. Darling babies...such a sweet family. Aren't babies so precious? The beekeeping is very interesting.
    Thanks for sharing your lovely family.

    1. Hi Linda! Thanks for visiting! Yes, babies are so precious! My pleasure!


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