Tuesday, May 8, 2012

May flowers and Strawberries.....

      Today was a beautiful day to pick strawberries at the u-pick farm about eight miles from my house. It didn't take long before I had two buckets full! Some of them are really big! Some are sweet, some not so much. The plants are ordered from Nova Scotia and are of various sizes and tastes. The plants are placed in a different area each year. I don't think they are gmo; and only  a small amount of pesticides are used on them while in bloom. I know, I guess I should't have asked, but I buy from Aldi too, so I probably get more pesticides from them. Last year, the strawberry picking took about an hour or so and it was soo hot! It was hot today as I got a little red, but that happens everyday. The wind was blowing a little so the breeze felt nice! 

      Ya'll know what I'll be doing the next few days! I'll be making strawberry jam and strawberry pie filling, and of course I'll have to make a strawberry cobbler for Mother's Day! What are ya'll doing for Mother's Day! We're cooking out! I don't care to stand in a two hour line just to eat! We can have some nice food from the grill in that amount of time! I bought some fresh squash from the farm since mine haven't born squash yet. I'm making a squash casserole and twice baked potato casserole for dinner, so I've got to get moving! Actually it's already part of the way done, I just need to do some other things. Hope to talk to ya'll later! Blessings from Bama!

Mexican Petunia just now blooming. This thing will be covered with these flowers!

An almost black day lily.

I call these the old fashioned ones because they grow in abundance around here.

The last of the irises in bloom.

The row of potatoes are growing well.

Sun flowers that were not planted. I love how they just pop up every year!

This thing has really grown, Celebrity tomato!

Peach colored day lily.

The nectarine tree is so big and covered in nectarines!

Maybe next year I'll get enough strawberries for a pie!

Another sunflower coming up in the green bean bed. I had to re-plant the beans. I hope they come up this time! The wood chips may be hindering them.

The making of stuffed eggs. They were delicious! I'm making a lot of these now.

The u-pick farm, just getting started.

Lots of rows of strawberries!

A version of Celebrity tomato plants I can't buy. I'll probably buy some of these since they will come in before mine.

Lots of tomato plants!

A different view of the strawberry plants.

These will be made into jam and pies and maybe some leftover to make pie filling. Of course I could always go back and get more.

Oak leaf hydrangea in full bloom.


  1. Lucky you...our strawberry time is end of June. Wow those tomato plants are huge! I've never seen an oak leaf hydrangea. Good luck with the jam.

  2. Bama Girl, I bought a Celebrity tomato plant today. Hope to get it and a couple others planted out tomorrow. Are you trying to garden with the mulch like in the Garden of Eden movie? Our strawberry time is June. Yum! Will you still be posting your ketsup recipe? Copme visit me when you can! Nancy at Cozy Thyme Cottage

  3. Hey Bama Girl ~ you're making me hungry reading your post! Your flowers are lovely... and what an awesome u-pick farm and how lucky you are to live so close. There is nothing like the flavor of a fresh-picked strawberry straight from the vine to your mouth. We are grilling out too for Mother's Day!

  4. I love May flowers and stuffed eggs too :)

  5. Hi Bama Girl! Okay, I LOVE that peach daylily. I don't think I've seen one that color. We aren't doing too well with our strawberries either. The ones that we do have growing the birds (or mice) are getting to before we can.

  6. Hey, Bama Girl! I'm a Bama Girl too! I was wondering if the place that you got your u-Pick strawberries was A&P Farms or Marsh Farm. I bought some strawberries from Marsh Farm at Whole Foods a few weeks ago and they were THE BEST that I have ever had - so sweet and juicy! - I am loving your blog. It is so nice to see a fellow sustainable living proponent from here! - Rachel

    1. Hi Rachel Welcome! It's always nice to meet a neighbor! No, the strawberries came from Norris Farms. I love Whole Foods and am planning a trip there this weekend! Maybe we can meet sometime! Glad you are enjoying the blog!


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