Thursday, February 17, 2011


      Freedom is a beautiful thing! One I don't believe we Americans fully understand. The more I watch Joyce Meyer, the more I realize that freedom is not only about our country but about our spirits, as well. When it comes to being free in our spirits and minds, we have a choice.  We can choose to let the sins and mistakes from our pasts keep us in bondage, or we can choose to accept forgiveness for our sins and mistakes and move forward, not looking back. We must choose to forgive those who have hurt us if we ever want real freedom. If we choose not to forgive others, then God will not forgive us. Forgiveness brings freedom to us, not necessarily to the one we are forgiving. Do you have unforgiveness in your heart towards anyone? Please choose to forgive that person now and experience a release and freedom like you've never known before. I have chosen to walk in the freedom of forgiveness and I am so blessed now! God is such a wonderful, merciful, and forgiving God that if you truly forgive, you too will be blessed!


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