Friday, February 25, 2011

Have you ever awakened to the sound...

      Of a tornado siren going off in the middle of the night? Well, that happened here last night. Seems a little early in the year, but that is a sign of spring. It looks and feels like spring with all the trees beginning to bud out and flowers beginning to come up. It's still very windy too. The tornadoes were small and fast but the damage was by the straight line winds. They turned over the basketball goal and nearly demolished my tent over my outdoor kitchen. Limbs were everywhere, but no real damage was done, at least not on our property. Storms are scary while they are going on but thank God, He kept us all safe!
      Nourishing Days is having a giveaway on the book Living Off Off Grid. I want to link to my website from there but I don't know how. I also want to mention about Swagbucks. If you haven't signed up, now would be a good time so you can start earning free swagbucks to spend in the swag store. I'm saving mine for that book.


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