Thursday, February 17, 2011

New at Blogging

      Since I've started reading blogs and decided to start my own blog, I realize there are a lot of things I don't know how to do yet, such as link from my post to someone else's. I've got to take some time to figure these things out, but the weather is so nice, I can hardly stay inside! and since I don't see many girls raised in the south writing about the new things I'm learning about , maybe I can share what I'm learning with them. When I speak of things like kefir and fermentation , most people I know have never heard of this. I understand, I used to be that way, but I want to be more healthy, so I'm learning from people like Wardeh at gnowfglins how to prepare foods in this tradition. So far, I've only tried kefir, but I want too soak my grains and nuts before I make things like granola.
      Here are some pics of yesterdays adventures. I was transplanting Irises to their new home in the garden and the chickens would not stay out of my way! We are planting flowers on this side of the garden because that's where the septic lines are. My husband didn't want to take a chance on our vegetables becoming contaminated. Roses, Irises, and daylillies, seem to thrive there.

      Lat night I cooked the bread that had been sitting for twenty-four hours according to Jim Lahey's recipe. The recipe is a no knead recipe but only makes up enough for one loaf, which is just right for my family. It is then placed in a dutch oven with a lid on to bake. Here it is.

 I also made these delicious stuffed shells and cheese. I love using my pasta pot! I don't know if these recipes are in accordance with the new things I'm learning about, but I do have to keep in mind what my family will eat. Neither my husband or son will eat anything made with whole wheat so I use organic,  unbleached flour instead. I thought they might eat this whole wheat honey sweetened chocolate bread, but no, they didn't even like this!

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