Friday, March 25, 2011

Are you going to the party?

      Joyce Meyer has been teaching on forgiveness this week. She used the story of the prodigal son and his older brother. The older brother was offended when he saw his father welcoming back the son who had wasted his life and money. The father gave a party for his son who had returned from the dead, so to speak. The older son was very resentful at his father for doing this. Do you see where resentment and unforgiveness can get you? It can keep you from enjoying what God has placed in your life to enjoy. Jesus died so that we might have and enjoy our lives, not be miserable with bitterness and unforgiveness. God will not forgive use if we don't forgive others! It doesn't matter who has offended you, hurt you, or spoken evil or lied about you, you MUST forgive them and let it go! It's not easy to forgive. You may have to keep on forgiving until you know in your heart that you have truly forgiven that person or group of people. The Bible tells us to love our enemies, do good to those who despitefully use us, and pray for them to be blessed. That all sounds so crazy, I know, but we are the ones who will reap rewards for obeying this truth. It's time to forgive and let it go! Lay it at Jesus' feet and He will help you through. Now, let's go to the party!
      I haven't made any pics lately because I've been very busy in the house . I also have been working outside, even though the temps are a lot cooler. It feels like winter again! I even had to put the heavy blanket back on the bed! I'll be glad when this is over because people have planted veggies that could be damaged if it freezes.

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