Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Spring is almost "officially" here

      But it did not start out that way today! The day began cold and cloudy, quite gloomy, but now the sun is shining and the temp is rising. I have my great nieces here today. They are so sweet! The older one takes "care" of the younger one, pushing her around in the walker and sharing her food with her.
      Yesterday was a busy day. I realized first thing that morning I had left my camera outside and it had rained the night before. The problem was, that I couldn't remember where I put it! We all three looked for it but was unable to find it. I knew it was here somewhere and after I got home I would look for it. So I met my friend at the mall for our weekly walk, then I met my husband and son at Golden China for lunch. After that, I went grocery shopping and got home around 3:00, unloaded and put away groceries. Finally, I decided to retrace my steps form the day before. I stopped by the tulip tree where I had taken some pictures, then on to the hen house to gather eggs. I didn't see it at first but somehow I knew it was there. I looked up and there it was, hanging on the fence right where I had left it! Boy was I happy! I'm so glad God led me to I and that He protected it from all that rain!
       Today has been very busy but while the babies are asleep, I decided to post. Their Mom is at the dentist. I understand how young mommies feel with babies close together. Oops! They're up! Here are some pics.


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