Monday, March 7, 2011

I'm so Happy!

      I am still rejoicing at what God has done for us! It's a miracle because houses just aren't selling. Not only did we sell our house, but we sold an SUV on the same day! Now tell me that wasn't God! I have been trusting God for the last three years to sell our house and He finally brought the right buyer at just the right time. We were about to have to start mowing, which I absolutely dreaded, so the timing was perfect for that. Sometimes we have to wait on God for what seems like a long time before our prayers get answered, but when He answers them, it is shouting time. I didn't doubt that God would sell our house I just wondered if that was His will. Obviously it was. The car was just spur of the moment to see what would happen and bam! it sold! Spring is a great time of year to sell your stuff so if you have something you want to sell, try it today. Don't forget to ask God to bring the right buyers, though.
      This weekend we had our great niece, Winterlyn. Here are some pics:
Winterlyn drinking a kefir smoothie
Loving tha kefir smoothie!

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