Monday, March 14, 2011

Please remember the people in Japan!

      I am so concerned for what happened in Japan. I pray for the survivors to be kept safe and warm and dry, and find food and water safe for drinking and eating. I know there are a lot of people who have lost everything and I pray that during their loss they will seek and find Jesus, the only one who can truly save them. I'm so glad to be a part of a ministry that sends not only financial aid but physical aid as well. I'm sure as soon as it is safe enough, Joyce Meyer Ministries will be on the scene to help. Consider becoming a partner with them today!
     I am really feeling worked over right now! I just finished working out with Jackie Warner. Man, my muscles are  twitching! I need to go outside and work in the garden later, if I can. The day is so beautiful, but we may have storms later.
     Saturday we went to Whole Foods. I really enjoy shopping there! Just wished it wasn't so far away. But it's probably a good thing that it is, since it cost a lot more to shop there. I was glad they had King Arthur white whole wheat flour so I can make breads, tortillas, and whatever using whole grains. I'm hoping it won't have that strong whole wheat flavor. It's not supposed to, according to reviews I've read. We also went to Carraba's, an Italian restaurant that my husband and I absolutely love. We all three rode in the truck. It was a little uncomfortable, but not too bad.
My husband loves using WF charcoal.
I planted strawberries in pots Sat. Shallots went in the garden.
First time spaghetti sauce from scratch. Hope it's good!
Soaked dough (lacto-fermentation) for whole wheat tortillas.

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