Monday, April 11, 2011

Taking responsibility for your journey

      Is life taking you on a journey or are you taking your life on a journey? Sometimes it seems like someone else is in control of our lives instead of us. There's your job, the kid's baseball practice or football or soccer practice, laundry, crying baby, maybe an invalid parent. Life happens! But in the midst of it all, you can still enjoy the journey. You can plan ahead when you know you have these responsibilities and God will show you what to do. Ask Him, and He will show you how to prioritize your life. Don't sweat the small stuff. It will eventually get done. Just learn how to be a good steward of your time and money and God will multiply it back to you.
     We are getting concrete work done after five years of living here. Finally, we are getting a poured driveway! I am so thankful! God is enabling us to obtain some things we didn't think we'd get for a long time.

Mint grows quickly!

Chocolate mint.

Prepping for the concrete.

The sidewalk will go here.

Outdoor kitchen will go here.

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  1. Your view point is so true. Our pastor preached a message one time about enjoying the stage of life you are in. He used the example of "I will do this or that when the kids are bigger, or I will have time to do those things when I retire" It is all about being thankful and truly enjoying each day and what it brings. If one isn't careful, they will "wish" for the next stage without learning the benefits of their current stage. I have thought about that message each time I feel negative or resentful for something I feel I "have to do" or "can't do for some reason" I don't want to rob myself of the lessons God has planned for me to learn, grow from and thank Him for. Good Post, Thanks!


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