Friday, April 1, 2011

Do not disturb!

      That's what Joyce was wearing around her neck today. It was so funny! She cracks me up sometimes, but I like the visuals. How true, that so much of the time we go around with a do not disturb sign on us. We may not even realize we have one on, but other people can see it. It shows when we do not smile at others, or take time to assist someone in a small way. Many Christians go about their day, too busy, not wanting to be disturbed because what they have to do is important. The most important thing that Jesus wants us to do is love God, then love our neighbor as we love ourselves. Our neighbor is anyone God puts in our path to help. Remember the good Samaritan and the Golden Rule? If we as Christians would only follow these two examples, the whole world would be changed! Pray and ask God who you can assist today. It may be a small thing to you but the other person might see it as a miracle. A smile would be nice, even if you have to fake it. Pretty soon though, it will come natural.
   I mentioned the other day that I am juicing again. I believe that juicing is going to make a difference in my well being. The first glass tasted terrible, then I remembered the apple cider in the freezer, so I thawed it and am using it as the liquid in my juice. The juice tastes so sweet that I may have to water it down a little. My nieces have been here some this week so I have a couple pics. Hubby brought in some ducks. They are so cute! As I write this, the sun is trying to shine and feels so good. I might even get to work in the garden, if it warms up. Have a great weekend!
I just got up!

Giving her Mom the "Look"

Can you see my two front teeth?

I used some of each of these in my juice.

The juice.

I think this one is a male.

Baby ducks and clucks.

I hope the ducks are male and female!

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